(But Plano started it!). So, you plan to spend a splendid summer morning strolling, canoeing, watching your precious spawn feed the waterfowl at Sunset Bay? We have a better suggestion. Ruuuuun! Grab your baby, don’t look back, GTF out of there. Now. A busted wastewater pipe in Plano is sending some 250,000 tons of raw sewage floating down White Rock Creek and into our lake. The City of Dallas warns residents “fish kill and unpleasant odor in and around White Rock Lake is a possibility.” (Lake Highlands Advocate)


Sounds like the beginning of typical B terror flick
Robot is not here to destroy mankind, her Dallas-born creator insists. (Dallas Morning News)

‘Hi, I’m Wall-E and I’ll be taking your order …’
While we’re on the topic, robot food-servers won’t spit in your food, no matter how much of an ass you are. (Wall Street Journal)

Chill down your spine?
Is there still a mysterious cold spot at Harry S. Moss Park? The key to this 1930s image shows its oddly specific location. (Dallas Magazine)

The traffic tumbler
He has come to calm your rage. But, seriously, why can’t our traffic jams end with a shirtless man backflipping off a highway sign onto? California is so winning. (CBS Local)

Bike proliferation driving you scooters? Then you might want to sit for this one.
Electric scooters are here to zoom us—or, rather, move us along at a safe, moderate speed—into the future. (WFAA)  It’s trendy to hate on LimeBikes and scooters, but progressive urbanites are working it. Los Angeles teens even make good money retrieving and charging the teeny transporters. (The Atlantic)

Monthly council meeting crams in all the decisions, before SUMMER BREAK, boy-eeees!
Scooter support was far from the only important item on Dallas City Council’s docket this week. Before recess, reps regulated bike-share, approved “granny flats” and authorized the $173 million settlement for the last of the police-and-fire pay lawsuits. (Dallas Morning News)


Wrong side of the law
Internal investigators began digging deeper into the activities of Dallas police officer Edrick Smith after the senior corporal was arrested for bribery. The probe led to three more officer arrests and three additional charges for Smith. (Fox 4)

Dallas company grovels …
… after a copywriter included “Asian, Jewish and Anglo” in describing “quintessential tenants” at a new development. OK, well, we all make mistakes … hang on. The copy continues painting the ideal inhabitant: “she carries a Louis Vuitton, Celine, or Givenchy handbag …” That’s it. Out of my sight, Domain Northside. You make me sick. (Dallas Morning News)

At 2:30 a.m., the cacophony roused snoozing residents
North Dallas dwellers heard the gunshots and crash early Thursday. Police responding to calls found one man in a totaled SUV, dead from multiple bullet wounds. (WFAA





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A Fern for Everyone
There’s a fern for your garden whether it’s indoors or outdoors, in containers, beds, or baskets. Join us at North Haven Gardens Saturday, June 30
, for a free class to tour through the best, get planting and maintenance tips and more in this class! (RSVP Here)


So on-point, it isn’t even funny
Six words: Funky. Backyard. Shipping. Container. Taco. Stand. Need we say more? OK, it’s on the south side of downtown, on Lamar. (Dallas Observer)

‘Saloon’ expected to revive nearly deserted district. No pressure.
The food writers write: Tristan Simon is here to save Victory Park. (Guide Live) D Magazine even used the unprincipled exclamation point in a headline when describing Simon’s return to Dallas! (Thought that was our rebel-inside thing.) Let’s hope these culinary content creators are correct and not just trying to score a cushy PR gig. (Escape Hatch Dallas)

A cold ‘culinary adventure’
“Chef-driven ice cream shop” Baldo’s is the new Park Cities hotspot. (Culture Map)


Experience a bunch of new age practices, such as meditation with symphonic gongs, card readings and restorative health treatments like Reiki. You can offer a $10-$20 donation, but all are welcome. Unity of Dallas on Forest at 7 p.m. (Details)

Tacos and Tunes at Common Desk features several musical acts plus, you guessed it, tacos. Begins at 7:30 p.m. (Details)

Tour de trails of Dallas with Local Hub Bicycle Company and councilman Philip Kingston, beginning at 8:30 a.m. at the bike company in Deep Ellum. Participants will explore about 20 miles of trail. (Details)

Forgotten Space pays tribute to the Grateful Dead as part of the Dallas Zoo “Safari Nights” concert series.(Details)

Check for more weekend and July 4 events in our The Weekend newsletter coming Saturday.

Sponsored Photo of the Day

Window into the Wild
Meet Texas birds in a free-flight bird program featuring live owls and raptors at North Haven Gardens. Window To The Wild, Inc.‘s Simon and Lindsey McNeny will talk visitors through a unique, educational and entertaining show that takes a close look at local ecosystems. (RSVP)