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The case of the underpaid, overworked cheerleader 
Ever heard how much money Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders make? About $4,700 per year. Ridiculous Cowboys mascot Rowdy makes 65k. Finally, one of the bare bellied beauties grew some balls. She’s suing. (New York Post)
Love/hate relationship
The World Cup—coming, not all that soon to our city—has seen its share of controversy. As John Oliver once said, “If you love something, never find out how it was made.” It’s the sausage principle. And then he showed us his sausage. (HBO/YouTube)She gave away that last rose
Now GuideLive’s Texan of the Year, Oak Cliff-bred Rachel Lindsay, was the first black woman to headline a season of “The Bachelorette” (Dallas Morning News), which happens to be hosted by Lake Highlands product Chris Harrison. (Lake Highlands Advocate)There is such thing as a free lunch
School’s out for summer. Woo hoo! For some Dallas children, however, that means going hungry. Check out 19 Dallas libraries offering free meals for kids all season. (WFAA)

Something (awful) in the air. And it could happen here.
Dallas sees portable potties aplenty—in construction areas, along trails, parks and outdoor events. Highland Park, the municipality that requires concealment of the unsightly things notwithstanding. (Candy’s Dirt) Gross, albeit at times, desperately in demand. But please never ever let toilets rocket upward during a windstorm, spewing contents onto crowd. (Laughing Squid)
Confederate ties severed
Another entity recognizes when change is in order? Stonewall Jackson Elementary. The East Dallas school officially is now Mockingbird Elementary. (East Dallas Advocate)The life (dry or) aquatic
Preston Hollow-born actor Owen Wilson is addicted, the evidence suggests, to saunas. (Dallas Magazine)


Two injured in mindboggling shootout
Three armed men knocked on the door of a southeast Dallas home and started shooting at inhabitants, who promptly returned fire. All must ostensibly possess storm trooper aim; not one fatal shot was delivered, but two suspects were hospitalized. (NBC 5)
Tragic sex ring stopped under pretty cool circumstances 
Feds arrested Dallas lovers running supposed sex-traffic ring, with help from the ice cream truck driver. (CBS Local)Serious, provocative art, sound meets strategic business move
An historic image of five black children in South Dallas carrying toys and/or guns is incorporated in the cover art of Nas’ new album, “Nasir,” which debuted last weekend. (CityLab)Let’s face it
It’s time to talk about depression and suicide. Better yet, let’s keep talking about it, and maybe the world will lose a few less incredible people. (Daily Beast) This kid from Lake Highlands understands that. (Lake Highlands Advocate) And a study tells us that suicides increase after high-profile self-inflicted deaths. (Market Watch)


Support Local Pollinators
If you’re a beginning gardener looking to give our bees and butterflies a boost, visit North Haven Gardens this Saturday, June 23rd  for a free class on the best plants for local pollinators—with everything you need to get started right at your fingertips. (RSVP Here)

Time for a new gig?
Looking for a new gig or know someone who wants a new gig? Advocate Media is hiring a full-time sales consultant. Flexible hours, benefits, uncapped commission pay and a fun office environment.


Tale of two Tex-Mex eatery openings
The cash-only, homemade-tortilla, made-from-scratch mole restaurant, Mi Lindo Oaxaca is now open on Davis. Margarita’s Comida Mexicana expanded to the 400 block of West Jefferson Boulevard. The restaurant’s original location is on Fitzhugh in East Dallas. They also have handmade flour tortillas. (Oak Cliff Advocate)
Bring on the burgers
BurgerFi, serving up gourmet Black Angus beef plus Beyond Burger vegetarian patties, moves into Mockingbird Central Plaza this month. (Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate)Pizza is filling … potholes? 
Could Dominos Pizza fix Dallas’ pothole problem? (Central Track)


Pop trio Hop Along takes center stage at Dada. (Details)
Seeking an intimate collection of elegantly arranged, singular pop songs? Get in on The Sea & Cake at Deep Ellum Art Co. at 8 p.m. (Details)Tomorrow 
Guided by Voices plays Trees. (Details here)

Oral Fixation features “All Over the Map” at Moody Performance Hall. (Details

Dallas Juneteenth Festival at Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center. (Details)

Go Ahead: Show Off Your Fruits
Share your prize garden tomatoes at NHG this Saturday for its 3rd annual Tomato Tasting event. Why? It’s everyone’s favorite homegrown vegetable! NHG hosts this free event each June for local enthusiasts and home gardeners to show off the fruits of their labor. It’s free, and popular vote determines the winners—who get NHG gift cards up to $100 to keep their gardens going strong. No tomatoes this year? Stop in to sample the goods and cast your vote. (RSVP Here)