Dallas is a big city. We’re trying to make it a little smaller and more enjoyable for our readers and our marketing partners.

Dallas Magazine is designed to appeal to our large group of young, engaged, intelligent and socially active Dallasites. Everything in our newsletters and on our sites is built lovingly by journalists and ad experts who believe in our city and want to partner with growing Dallas businesses. Sure, there are less expensive options for your marketing dollars. But no one works harder to ensure your investment pays off for you. Want more information? Contact us at sales@dallasmagazine.advocatemag.com.

What Can We Do For You

We’ve worked with Dallas advertisers and marketing companies for 27 years. That’s what we do best. Our readers want to discover local businesses and spend money with them. We want to help you build a marketing program that reaches active, young Dallasites looking for businesses that can make their lives better and more fun.

What We Won’t Do For You

We aren’t an SEO machine. We aren’t set up to funnel random leads to your business or website. We can do that, but you’re probably better off spending your money on search engine marketing/optimization (we can help with that, too). We’re here to build your brand.

We aren’t the lowest-cost provider. We try not to sell one-time promotions. We require minimum 6-month commitments. Our sponsorships aren’t cheap. But by limiting the number of sponsors we work with through Dallas Magazine, we can really spend time deep-diving into your marketing to build a plan custom-tailored for you. If all you care about is squeezing your pennies super-tight, we’ll tell you how to do that and send you on your way.

We will only work with a limited number of clients. Working with fewer clients who are spending a little more money to build custom marketing plans likely to generate new customers and brand recognition throughout Dallas — that’s our business model.

Here’s Why We Do This

We care as much about Dallas as our readers. We’re dedicated to telling the stories of our city to a young, smart, energized and growing population eager to fashion Dallas into the most progressive city in America.

Meet Some of Our Clients

Our writing and marketing gurus enjoy working with the best companies in Dallas. Here are just a few of them.

North Haven Gardens

Briggs Freeman

Dave Perry-Miller

Ebby Halliday

Bella Vista Company

Texas Health Resources

Methodist Hospital

Medical City Women’s Hospital

Baylor Scott & White

C.C. Young

Highland Park Cafeteria

David Griffin & Company Realtors

Dallas City Center Realtors

Allie Beth Allman & Associates

Coldwell Banker Homes

David Bush Realtors

Tom Barrett Optical

Wells Fargo Bank

Grand Bank

Virginia Cook Realtors

Dallas Magazine: Our Readers and Our Mission

Each day, we scour Dallas media — print and online — looking for the most interesting, most relevant and most entertaining stories in our city. We collect the best-of-the-best stories, package them in our daily e-newsletter, and email them prior to 7 a.m. each weekday to more than 30,000 opt-in readers who want to know more about their Dallas. We also produce a “weekend” edition, distributed each Friday evening, offering readers a recap of the best activities in Dallas to plan their weekends.

We produce original stories, collaborate with other media on certain issues, and give credit where credit is due by aggregating the best of the rest. Our readers know that the 5-10 minutes they spend with Dallas Magazine each day will give them the knowledge they need to intelligently make sense of our city. And while they’re absorbing the news, they’ll also be exposed repeatedly and meaningfully to the brands that make Dallas Magazine possible.

Unlike just about every other media company in town, our readership numbers are strictly local — all of our stories are homegrown, and we don’t sucker you into clicking on 10 or 15 pages of clickbait to view a slideshow or read an in-depth research piece. Our clicks are our own, generated from wealthy, young and engaged Dallas readers.

Who Reads Dallas Magazine?

When the smart, young Dallas readers want to know what’s happening throughout the city, and when they want to support local brands that support Dallas, they read Dallas Magazine.

Female: About 70% of our readers are women

Young: Nearly 65% of our audience is 25-44




Our Ad Products

Brand Sponsorships — Limited to 20 for 2018 (12-month commitments only)

Select two days each month to have your logo be one of the first thing our 30,000+ readers see that morning when they read Dallas Magazine. You’ll also have an opportunity to provide a photo-driven story about your brand in that same newsletter, and our professional writers will help you create your story to ensure solid engagement with our readers. Additionally, any time during the month (maximum of 10 days) your brand can promote an event, a special, a promotion — anything that our audience should know about your business — in the daily #partnernews segment of our weekday Dallas Magazine. If you take advantage of every opportunity each month, your brand will have 12 separate opportunities to influence our engaged readers. And that doesn’t include liberal social media promotion of Dallas Magazine and our partners on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Custom Branding Campaigns

Engage our audience with a variety of opportunities with a month-long promotion that includes targeted social media posts, segments in the newsletters, paid social media listings, options for polls and/or giveaways, and other custom options depending on your brand needs and resources.

Who Are You Guys, Anyway? And Who Will I Be Talking With?

Literally, most of us have been in Dallas so long that it’s embarrassing to add up the years. We’re a combination of Dallas natives and people who arrived here at various stages of our lives and careers, but now that we’re here, none of us have any plans to go anywhere else. You’ll work with us individually as we craft your message and ensure it becomes something illuminating and important to our readers.

Our Editorial Team

Rachel Stone Managing Editor

Jehadu Abshiro Digital Editor

Christian Welch Events Editor

Keri Mitchell Contributing Editor

Lisa Kresl Publisher

Our Marketing Team

Kristy Gaconnier Senior Marketing Experts

Michele Paulda Senior Marketing Experts

Vanessa Santillan Marketing Experts

Marresa Burke Marketing Experts

Rick Wamre  Chief Marketing Officer