28 06, 2018

He told her he didn’t hire girls; she bought his place two years later: The wonder women of Deep Ellum

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Sharon Flatte is a role-model for women determined to work in a male-dominated industry. [...]

6 06, 2018

Remember when Victory Park was going to have a movie theater? Cinepolis USA, finally on its way

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Rendering courtesy Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas-Victory Park Cinépolis USA will build an eight-screen, 700-seat "luxury theatre" [...]

30 05, 2018

Construction infringes on historic Dallas neighborhood; indignant homeowners fight for footage — a tale as old as time

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Construction on Swiss I've said it before in so many words. Quaint, spanking-new [...]

10 05, 2018

Will Magdalen ‘Expect a Miracle’ House for alcoholic women move to more-modern digs or be denied? Again.

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Photo by Danny Fulgencio Located in East Dallas more than 31 years, Magdalen [...]