Could it be? The cowboys bring in two rookie superstars, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, to lead America’s team and the world’s most valuable sports franchise back to its glory days? A night in Uptown has put that in jeopardy.

As much as a Superbowl would bolster Dallasite egos, Elliott seems to be doing his best to make sure the new Cowboys dynasty becomes a one hit wonder.

Trouble followed him from Ohio State, where he was accused of domestic violence by a former girlfriend, but the city attorney in Columbus, Ohio declined to pursue charges due to conflicting and inconsistent information.

He arrived in Dallas and had a stellar season, leading the league in rushing and narrowly missing out on Offensive Rookie of the Year (he lost to teammate Dak Prescott). But once the season ended, Elliott continued to make headlines, and it wasn’t because of his philanthropy.

Elliott got a little handsy at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Greenville, pulling down a woman’s top while on a float, and later missed practice because of a minor car crash. Most recently, he was accused of punching out a DJ at Clutch, a bar on Cedar Springs in Uptown. TMZ has a video of pooling blood and a man being dragged out of a club, and the person who shot the video allegedly said it was Elliott that punched him.

But suddenly, police have suspended the investigation, as witnesses have now refused to cooperate. Even a man who first tweeted that he saw Elliott punch out a DJ has deleted his Twitter account. The victim has been refusing to respond to police, and no witnesses are now available. Jerry Jones must be happy.

Speaking of Uncle Jerry, shouldn’t he just build a bar at the Star or his massive stadium and just make sure Cowboys don’t party anywhere else? Seems like that might be a solid investment. Elliott seems to have nine lives, and people are still naming apartment complexes after him, but surely all of this will catch up to him eventually.