Former Dallas City Councilwoman Angela Hunt worked for years to kill any version of the proposed Trinity toll road.

The road, which might’ve been a high-speed thoroughfare or a “meandering parkway” between the Trinity River levees, finally met its maker this week after decades of disagreement.

Hunt entered the fight soon after she was elected in 2005. Says the Texas Tribune: “What started as Hunt’s fact-finding mission became a one-woman crusade against the city’s political establishment, which then evolved into a citywide battle that has lasted more than 11 years.”

She gained allies in City Council members Sandy Greyson and Scott Griggs. Phillip Kingston, elected after Hunt was term-limited out, took up the cause after her. And this past May, Dallas voters elected into office a majority of anti-toll-roaders for the first time since the idea first sprang.

Then City Council on Wednesday voted to reject the latest version of the toll road.

Angela Hunt was there, and she loved it.

Just look at this face:

Sandy Greyson congratulated her publicly prior to the vote.

Hunt herself thanked her own husband.

And bragged about her City Council BFFs.

And she didn’t miss an opportunity to wallow in the victory.

Bye, Trinity toll road. We won’t miss you. But anyone who needs more closure should check out the photos from this funeral Hunt and Go Oak Cliff staged for it back in 2014.