Ezekiel Elliott has gone from Dallas’ favorite son to a suspected domestic abuser who may miss almost half of the 2017 season.

D Magazine’s Kathy Wise has gone from a play on a long shot President’s slogan about how Elliott will make the Cowboys great again to a strongly written condemnation of the running back, which is a must-read. Wise tells the story of the allegations against Elliott and the flawed accuser from which they came. In the end, she believes the allegations and has had a reversal of feelings towards Elliott.

The NFL’s leading rusher is appealing his suspension, which the NFL imposed even though no legal action was taken after the alleged incident in Columbus, Ohio. The rhetoric around the issue is heated on both sides, with some discounting the accuser because she asked a friend to lie about an assault and text her friend about blackmailing Elliott with a sex tape they had recorded. Others point to consistencies in the alleged victims accusations and pictures of bruises.

Elliott’s first year was full of on-field success, but he also had his fair share of stumbles, including pulling a woman’s top down at the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Greenville Avenue.

Read the full transcript of the Elliott’s accuser’s interactions with police and judge for yourself.