As society grapples with what to do about the lingering shadow of the Confederacy on Dallas, Mayor Rawlings has put together a task force to study if something should be done, and if so, how.

At the same time, the Dallas ISD school board will soon be discussing the schools with Confederate names and seeing if they should be renamed. In Austin, Robert E. Lee Elementary was renamed after a different Lee, a beloved University of Texas professor. In fact, there have been 10 schools around Texas that have changed their name for similar reasons.

This option will save money on T-shirts, letterhead and signage. Alumni can still say they went to the school. Thinking along those lines, here are some options for some of the schools with Confederate names here in Dallas.

Robert E. Lee Elementary

Bruce Lee Elementary- He is martial arts master, well-known actor and would immediately be the most intimidating mascot ever.

Harper Lee Elementary- This literary legend with a social justice bent would make sure the library would be set for life.

Stonewall Jackson Elementary

Stone Wall Elementary- It is what everyone calls it anyway and has a very Old World charm to it. They could even build an ancient looking wall near the school and make up a legend about it.

Samuel L. Jackson Elementary- He may not have the cleanest language, but when those little kids are old enough, they will certainly enjoy a good Tarantino film.

William H. Gaston Middle School

Gaston, from “Beauty and the Beast”– This guy may have been the villain, but he has some redeeming qualities. He is brawny, brave, can get the whole town singing and just wants to get rid of the aristocratic monster who is holed up in his mansion. The school song would be epic.

Albert Sidney Johnston Elementary

Daryl “Moose” Johnston– This is maybe the easiest one. The Cowboys legend who won three Super Bowls in the 1990s played his entire career in Dallas and is an announcer for NFL games. And again, the mascot becomes so much better.

John. H. Reagan Elementary

Ronald Reagan Elementary- This is probably who everyone in the neighborhood thinks the school is named after anyway. Like him or hate him, he was president. He survived an assassination attempt, and his demeanor was admirable.

Nancy Reagan Elementary- This famous first lady was all about “Just Say[ing] No” to drugs, and once kicked Strom Thurmond out of her husband’s hospital room after he claimed he was a close friend. Thurmond once ran for president as a third-party candidate to preserve Jim Crow, so there would be some justice there.

William L. Cabell Elementary

Earle Cabell Elementary- He was the mayor of Dallas when Kennedy was shot and was later in Congress. Conspiracy theorists think he may have been involved in the plot to kill Kennedy, so he may not be the best choice, but there aren’t as many famous Cabells.