“PR Speak” is pretty much a foreign language to journalists (and maybe to everyone?). We receive press releases all the time. Recent highlights include pitches for a watermelon keg, a no-pants party and hummus for hurricane relief. Occasionally they are well-written and catered to our readership, but most of the time that’s not the case.

This one, about Sunday’s Pink Party at the W Dallas with Fat Jewish and White Girl Rosé, came across Elissa’s desk this morning. It was so bad that it too good not to share it with the rest of us, so congratulations to the Social Revolt Agency for getting our attention.



DALLAS – Grab your pink party pants, a swimsuit and your sunnies because we are about to celebrate LITERALLY EVERYTHING! This is a Sunday Funday like no other featuring the Fat Jewish, White Girl Rosé and some of the best views in Dallas. Get ready to pop pink bottles at the most basic event of the year as Social Revolt Agency presents the PINK PARTY.

For all the millennials who love snapping “insta-worthy” pictures, this is the party for you. With more than 15 million combined social media followers, Pink Party Rosé is the most photographed alcohol on Instagram. Pink Party is the newest addition to the ‘SWISH – We Brought Wine.’ brand. Social media sensation, The Fat Jewish, loves to party with the pink drink and will be at the event sporting his eye-catching one-piece swimsuit. ()

Elissa: This is a real email I received. #FatJewish?

Rachel“… the most basic event of the year …” At least they’re self aware. I was waiting for it to say that it’s a fundraiser for something, but no, it’s not.

Will: PR speak is so interesting. Are they hoping that whoever receives this will be lazy enough to just repost it? Because the journalists who read this will think it’s stupid.

Keri: I don’t understand any of these words.

Rachel: If you wanted a ride downtown, I suppose you could use that Lyft code.

Will: Clever …

Jackson: I got that message from Do214 and I couldn’t even get past the first sentence without wanting to dry heave.

Will: So I guess their PR strategy worked.

Keri: “Grab your tickets right meow”? Is that a typo?

Elissa: That’s a thing millennials say, “meow” instead of “now.”

Keri: Seriously?!? What’s wrong with you people? There is no mention of cats anywhere in this press release.

Read the full press release for yourself here, and add to our conversation in the comments. And see you at #PinkPartyDallas! (#notreally)