If you didn’t binge and finish “Narcos,” stop reading now. For those who spent Labor Day watching the Cali Cartel dismantle, continue.

Season three of the popular Netflix show saw a complete shift in leadership on both the DEA’s side and the cocaine game. After putting the leaders in jail, viewers were left with a final look at Javier Peña (played by Pedro Pascal) staring out as cocaine smugglers rush by him and his father on the Mexico border. While Peña’s life in the DEA is what makes the show pop, his history before and after the DEA is quite interesting, and also has a Texas connection that the regular viewer might not know.

Raised in Kingsville, Texas, Peña never strayed too far from Texas when he wasn’t on assignments abroad. He graduated at Texas A&I (the A&M of Kingsville) with a B.A. in Sociology/Psychology. Before going international, he worked as a deputy sheriff in Laredo and a special agent for the DEA in Austin. He wouldn’t retire from the DEA until 2014. Now he lives in San Antonio. Will Dallas be in the picture? That is unknown.

However, the Peña viewers watched over the past three seasons will most likely not make the storyline come season four, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

To get to know a little more about the details of this season of “Narcos” and what ‘s ahead, read the extended interview below.