President Donald Trump is on the fundraising trail, and he will make a stop in Dallas on Wednesday, Oct. 25. Even though the election is a little more than three years away, he hopes to add to the coffers of the his re-election campaign.

The location of the Republican National Committee fundraiser has not been released, but the prices have. Attending the dinner will set you back $2,700, a photo with Trump costs $35,000, and a round table with the Commander in Chief will be a whopping $100,000.

As a public service, we just wanted to remind you what you could purchase for the price of that sit down.

This actual jet pack

A Tesla Model S 100D

This two-bedroom, one bath house in Garland

This 126-foot yacht/sailboat in Italy

A vacation where 52 guests travel by private jet to eight places on five continents

Two students’ tuition for four years at the University of Texas

400 water buffaloes for families in need

Just something to consider before you cut that check.