Dallas is a city that is growing into the “World Class” moniker with which it loves to be branded. Great restaurants, major sports teams, a rejuvenating urban core and rising rent prices add to the reputation that Dallas may be on the way to becoming what it wants to be.

Though it lacks a meaningful incorporation of its natural assets and an widely-used and efficient public transportation system, Dallas has added one more piece to the puzzle: anonymous and  (possibly?) subversive street art.

It might not have the nuance and politicization of a Banksy, but someone is arranging flowers into the openings of the city’s few remaining pay phones. Two are in East Dallas (roses and sunflowers), though there may be more around the town.

One can only speculate about the meaning, if there is one. Is it a commentary on a dying method of communication? A message about the beauty of the past? Is someone trying to get rid of their extra plastic flowers?

As with all underground discoveries, revealing the location would ruin the fun (though sleuths will surely figure it out). Just know it is out there and you will find them when the time is right.