Charley Crockett chats with artist George Holman outside the Kessler Theater. Photo by Jeffrey Liles

The first time I saw blues singer/songwriter Charley Crockett, he was performing on the back of a vintage flatbed truck as part of some event in the Bishop Arts District.

I turned the corner, and there he was with those eyes and that voice. Lord ‘a’ mercy.

Crockett’s new album, “Lonesome as a Shadow,” was released digitally last week. He sold out the Majestic Theater recently, and he’s now on a tour of the United States in Willie Nelson’s old bus. He’ll be touring Europe this summer.

Crockett grew up in South Texas but came into his own as a musician in Dallas and New Orleans.

Here are five-plus Charley Crockett throwbacks to make you say, “we knew him when…”

Crockett has performed at the Kessler Theater in Oak Cliff at least three times, twice as an opener and once, last summer, as the headliner. Here he is with the band performing “Do What They Tell You,” in November 2015.

His vinyl album was released in February 2017. Here’s footage from the party at Spinster Records in Oak Cliff.

Here’s “Going Back to Texas,” from the the vinyl-release party at the Kessler in July 2017.

Just FYI, Charley is not afraid to love you, girl. From his KXT live session in Dallas:

Here he is singing and playing on the Houston Street Viaduct. It’s OK, Charley, you still fine even in those Dwayne Wayne glasses.

Remember the time he performed with Leon Bridges at The Rustic in Uptown? Nah, you weren’t there, but watch the video and pretend you’re that cool.

This next one was filmed in Oklahoma, but it’s too adorable to not share.