We’ve all been there. If you have not—out. You are too cool to be here.

OK, now that it’s just us socially awkward geniuses… Your black-coffee, no-sugar sipping mates sit around extolling THAT concert last Thursday, and you’re all: “Concert? What-huh?” Maybe you were cool, Buddy. However, if you actually attended that Nirvana show at Trees in 1991, you are now middle aged at best, thus, conceivably, uncool. To quote young William in “Almost Famous,” “Even when I thought I was cool, I wasn’t.”

Photo by Benjamin Hager

By the by, Trees is once again cool, after a period of ugh, until this oh-so-cool couple came around to add subtle maturity, a stellar music calendar and a marginal facelift. Then they did the same with Bomb Factory.


Universal Love

Annie Clark, St. Vincent, from Dallas—hands down, coolest female from home. Perchance you will learn more than you want to know about her in our daily prayer to St. Vincent: Dear St. Vincent, thank you for recently participating in the “Universal Love” Same Sex Wedding Project — the one where famous musicians reconstruct romantic love songs but flip the gender. You made The Crystals’ classic “And Then He Kissed Me into “And then she kissed me.”

Paste, the consummate mag for music lovers tells us the Texas bands we need know, now. There will be a test.

And in who-cares-if-it’s-cool (but it is!) stuff: 

It’s a boy! A tremendously tall baby boy. Go Mama Katie, you fertile 9-year-old giraffe. It will be several weeks before the park’s tallest toddler makes his public appearance, but you can “oooo” and “awww” right here.