The regular “how to seem cool” rundown: featuring Annie Clark (duh), dummy wallets, Morgan Fairchild and more.

We mentioned a little thing earlier that we definitely are not dying to get into our bellies. Nah, we’re cool. We’ll wait. The words “dessert hummus” definitely won’t occupy anyone around here’s mind, 24-7. Anyway: we don’t know that we properly can call the dish (dessert, side, condiment, spread—what IS this nectar of the gods anyway?) cool cool, seeing as how bonappetit,com called it a trend, like, a year ago, so just play it chill, and get your hands (and face) in this stuff, or make it yourself (you righteous show off—haha—kidding, can you tell us where you live, please?)

Annie Clark, St. Vincent—hands down, coolest hometown female with whom our obsession is evidenced in our daily prayer to St. Vincent: Dear St. Vincent, make me like you. You’re house in Laurel Canyon, near Los Angeles, serves strictly as a “studio and working space,” not a residence. LA Magazine thinks you said that for tax purposes, but we believe it’s because Dallas is home—that’s right, isn’t it? Amen.

#Coolnotcool: Vlogger and former NASA engineer Mark Rober set up this experiment — he and a ton of co-conspirators clandestinely dropped 200 undistinguishable wallets across the country.

Would finder return or keep, like a total a-hole. That experiment, described by Laughing Squid, which has video, is as cool as that one guy who did not freak out when Ebola hit Dallas. Unfortunately Dallas is not very nice compared to other major cities when it comes to hypothetically repairing someone’s day after losing his or her freaking make-believe wallet.

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