Sauna Times magazine — I’ll let you soak in the idea of a magazine dedicated to saunas for a second — Sauna Times magazine has a piece posted May 30 about Dallas’ own Owen Wilson, actor in such cerebral films as “Drillbit Taylor” and “You, Me and Dupree” (I kid by way of sarcasm.) He’s in “Bottle Rocket,” “Royal Tenenbaums” and other Wes Anderson masterpieces, “Midnight in Paris” … some stupendous stuff). And he’s a gem. A grad of St. Mark’s in Preston Hollow.

Anyway, here we find ourselves atop the rooftop bar at the Hewing Hotel, where Rod Buhrsmith and John Pederson, by chance, wind up sitting alongside Owen Wilson. Not wanting to encroach … idle chit chat about the ongoing Real Madrid v. Liverpool game ensues for a while.

“At half Rod strolls over and thanks Mr. Wilson for spending his Memorial Day weekend in our fair City [Minneapolis, MN] and asks: “You present yourself on film as a laid back chill actor, and you’re probably like that in real life too, how do you feel about strangers coming up to you, wanting a piece of you, wanting to talk and possibly interrupting your peace?”

“Oh, it’s fine, most people are very respectful and nice.”

Rod and Owen Wilson strike up an engaging conversation. Wilson is “in town visiting friends” and Rod lives in Minneapolis and is co curator of Hewing’s rooftop sauna.As the conversation steers itself towards sauna, Owen Wilson gets bright eyed.” He has saunas in all of his homes. He loves sauna. Sauna equals bliss, he goes on …

Rod winds up inviting his newfound sauna-aficionado compadre to a party at Hidden Beach. Later on, Wilson rides a bicycle over to said soiree.

Most guests hailed from “the 200 member strong 612 Sauna Society Cooperative, members and guests were respectful and chill and, per usual, everybody was treating everyone else as equals and with respect.  Surely this is why Owen Wilson chose to stick around for “most of the afternoon” per John Pederson, founder, and Chief Firewood Officer.

“We were hanging out and chatting about sauna and Hawaii for about a half an hour,” explains Silvia Yordanova, 612 Sauna Society member.  “I didn’t know who he was until somebody told me later.”

Sure ya didn’t, lady. Uh-huh.

“Later in the day, Owen Wilson slipped out for awhile, but, per John Pederson: ‘he came back again to squeeze in a few more sauna rounds before we closed.'”

The entire impressive and amusing article, complete with photos, can be located here, on the Sauna Times site.

It is a lovely site, actually. Way better than ours. OK, bosses, I KID.

Wilson is the guy at center, beside the one playing the tiny guitar — a ukulele, perhaps.