Future Dallas ISD staffer? It what Texas legislators— including Dallas’ Don Huffines—have in mind. (Photo by Danny Fulgencio)

That’s so Dallas
Armed marshals ought to occupy Texas schools, opined Dallas state senator Don Huffines during a Tuesday assembly of the Senate Select Committee on Violence in Schools. Oh, and they should carry rifles, rather than handguns, because they’re “more accurate.” He did not object to the idea of arming teachers (no other committee member did either). Meanwhile, public citizens listening to the conversation “sharply opposed” and “peppered the meeting with scoffs of disbelief.”  (KERA)

So much for separating church and state. Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Vice President of the United States address the Southern Baptist Convention, which takes place in Dallas this week. (CW33) Who won’t attend? (Aside from banished president Paige Patterson.) Dallas Pastor George Mason, who was ousted from the SBC after a vote to allow members of the LGBTQ community to join and serve his Wilshire Baptist Church in East Dallas. (Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate) Just in—Regarding Southern Baptist Convention blocking him on Twitter, Mason writes: “Jesus loves outcasts.”

Gooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal! (Photo by Danny Fulgencio)

Weirdest day ever
The FIFA World Cup’s last descent on Dallas coincided with a fascinating phase here in America. In fact, there’s a documentary dedicated to June 17, 1994, the day Spain faced Korea Republic at the Cotton Bowl and OJ Simpson led police on a slothful chase along a southern California freeway. (ESPN)

Why are you bringing that up?
Dallas is expected to host several World Cup games in 2026, now that The States has won its bid for the big tournament. It’s a (potentially) huge deal for Big D. If ya don’t know, now you’ll know. (WFAA)

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders make minimum wage. Rowdy the mascot makes $65k. (Photo by ‘Bigcats lair’ via wikimedia commons)

The case of the underpaid, overworked cheerleader 
Ever heard how much money Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders make? The amount is stunning(ly low). Finally, one of the bare bellied beauties grew some balls. She’s suing. (NBC 5) They make less than Rowdy. 

Big boys take the field 
Just for the hell of it: Watch 17 seconds of Dallas Cowboys players walking in slow motion. (Twitter)

Bees, in one of the places they belong, i.e. not by the thousands inside a sweet couples’ home. (Photo by Danny Fulgencio)

Honey, is that your vibrator, or do we have a bee infestation?
“There are definitely thousands of bees in there.” —Homeowner, fromfront porch. (WFAA) Hey, we might know some people who can help. (East Dallas/Lakewood Advocate)

Bridges in bloom: He’s bonafide bigtime 
DFW musician Leon Bridges opened for another act at Deep Ellum’s Three Links four years ago. Now he is that guy everyone (who knows anything) is talking about. (Central Track)

Best day ever 
Seven years ago this week: Mavericks history made, redemption secured, storybook ending accomplished, Wade weeps, Dirk sainthood solidified. (Twitter/Ball is Life)

Nefarious nurse from hell (allegedly)
Former nurse Billy Chemirmir, arrested in March for murder in Frisco and for trying to smother a Plano woman, faces a new homicide charge in Dallas. He’s also under investigation for, like, a thousand other crimes. (KRLD)

Midnight. Not a great time to make a Craigslist exchange
In a deal gone devastatingly wrong, an unidentified man attacked, robbed and shot a young woman and her brother attempting to purchase a used phone. (NBC 5)

And this is the reason 
The Dallas Police Department and OfferUp created Exchange Zone — are member? (DPD Beat)

Love/hate relationship
The World Cup—coming not very soon to our city—has seen its share of controversy. As John Oliver once said, “If you love something, never find out how it was made.” It’s the sausage principle. And then he showed us his sausage. (HBO/YouTube)

Ya big baby! 
Meet 1,560-pound 2-year-old, Ajabu, whose hobbies include pushing logs, chasing birds and digging holes. Admittedly unclear from our description, he is so delightful that a popular national magazine (one typically featuring a Kardashian on its cover) visited Dallas just to see him. (YouTube/People)

Dear Dad …
Oh, fuuuuuoooii! It’s almost Father’s Day. Add, “get gift” to your to-do list. If you really want Dad to keep you in his will, shop in upscale Preston Hollow. (Preston Hollow Advocate)

There is more to Jordan Spieth’s home than meets the eye. (Photo via Zillow)

10,000-foot-mansion is tip of the iceberg
As golf prodigy Jordon Spieth’s career (and profits) soar, a peek inside his $7.1 million manse is all-too tantalizing. The 10,000-square-foot main manor manifests as moderate, conditions considered, but “the underground 12-car garage with the adjoining indoor basketball court that tops 6,000 square feet,” frankly, fills us with envious ire. (SportsDay)

Less-pretentious properties are sparse
For us regular humans looking to score a home in Dallas for less than, say, $200k, here’s advice from the experts: “Good luck.” (Dallas Morning News)

Bringing back history takes tedious toil
SMU works full time digitizing WFAA’s 1960 to 1978 film rolls. Curator Jeremy Spracklen pulls clips from August 1974, including Dallas’ reaction to Nixon’s resignation. (Dallas Morning News/YouTube)The slap (unnecessarily?) heard ’round the town
“I slapped him in the face.” Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall willingly ‘fessed up to this doozy during her interview process. (WFAA) Opines columnist Jim Schutze, “We learn on TV that she slapped her former boyfriend when she found out he was being unfaithful … Give me a break!” He doesn’t care, is the point, in case you missed that. (Dallas Observer)

Alleged PCP user arrested in heartbreaking hit and run
Hearts shattered when a promising young bar manager was killed in a hit and run while riding his motorcycle home from Brick & Bones weeks ago. Loved ones find some relief as police announce capture of possible PCP-smoking suspect. (Fox 4)

Terrible trio hid faces too late 
They concealed their mugs before breaking into a closed business near Northwest Highway and Lemmon, entering its office and stealing a safe filled with jewelry and other expensive contents. Though covered during the crime’s commission, cameras caught their faces upon approach. See? (DPD Beat)

Tears of a clown
There is this podcast called “The Hilarious World of Depression.” Don’t be perplexed by the title. It’s on point everyday. And they have had tons to talk about during the past week. Dallas native Rhett Miller of Old 97s wrote the show’s theme song, about the “world’s greatest clown” and was a guest earlier this year. (APM Podcasts)

Apartments burn as helpless Oak Cliff inhabitants look on 
100 firefighters spent two hours extinguishing a four-alarm fire that engulfed two apartment buildings in Oak Cliff Tuesday. Injuries were nil. Damage is bad. There is video. (Oak Cliff Advocate)