1804 rendering of the Alexander Hamilton Aaron Burr duel

Lin-Manuel Miranda funkified the Founding fathers (painstakingly creating a relatively accurate interpretation) to make America’s independence accessible to all (in concept; tickets are less accessible, however).

“Hamilton” tells the tale of America’s Independence through rap and song and the eyes of frenemies Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. Also, the cast is 99 percent people of color (Burr, Jefferson are black in the Broadway cast) except England’s king:

Dallas bides its time for a shot at seats come spring 2019. And be prepared for buzz to reach fever pitch as the time draws near. (Dallas Morning News)

But if you’re curious about the onset of the “Hamilton” craze, word started getting around after the Obama administration hosted an evening of poetry, music and the spoken word on May 12, 2009, “during which several acclaimed musicians, rappers and poets performed exclusively in front of an intimate Who’s Who audience,” notes Billboard. Everyone laughed when Miranda said he’s working on a “hip hop album, a concept album, about the life of someone I think embodies hip hop: treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton …”

See for yourself, and snap along if you like:

Would have loved to be in the room when that happened. (Final “Hamilton” reference; this post is fin).