A battle over ownership of an elite New York City gay bar following the mysterious sudden death of its proprietor — that’s the the basis for Morgan Fairchild’s new series, “Melange,” which shines its spotlight on sexuality-, immigration-, addiction-, power- and inclusion-related themes.  

Morgan Fairchild, a hardworking hottie then and now.

Don’t work yourself into too much of a frenzy just yet. “Mélange,” starring Morgan Fairchild, who grew up in Dallas, filmed the series earlier this month, and the  drama has yet to sign with a network.

But big names are attached to the project, whose narrative incorporates current social issues dear to Fairchild’s bleeding heart (that’s if her Twitter feed, which I follow religiously, is any indication of her proclivities).

There’s award-winning theatrical producers Tom D’Angora and Tim Kashani, plus director Emmy Awardee Gary Donatelli, for starters, Variety reports.

Alex Newell of “Glee” fame poses with Morgan Fairchild on the Melange set in New York City. (Photo by Tom D’Angora)

The half-hour drama’s basis entails a battle over ownership of an historic New York City gay bar, Mélange, following the sudden and mysterious death of its proprietor.

Themes of sexuality, immigration, addiction, power and inclusion permeate the plot. That said, it is little wonder casting tapped the 68-year-old Fairchild to play the lead role, Vivian, a diabolical diva determined to dominate aforementioned bar and its accompanying fortune.

Such things she speaks, er, tweets out about on the regular.

Maya Days, Morgan Fairchild, Jessica Leccia and (Photo by Tom D’Angora)

Fairchild, the Dallas-born daughter of a Richardson High School teacher, has appeared on “Mr. Pepermint Show”; doubled for Faye Dunaway in “Bonnie and Clyde,” enjoyed a reoccurring role on “Mork and Mindy,” played Constance on the soap “Flamingo Road” and guest starred on too many 80s shows to name.

Right up though 2009, at least, she’s worked steadily in television.

She graduated from Lake Highlands High in ’67. There she wasn’t called Morgan, but rather Patsy Anne McClenny, admittedly not so sexy, unless she wanted to audition for “Hee Haw” (and, honestly, would that have been so bad?)

A bit of trivia: In 1970, two men grabbed her on the street and pushed her into a cab. “I was just damned if I was going to let them see how scared I was,” she said on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.” “So every time they said something awful, I just made a wisecrack. Eventually one turned to the other and said, ‘You know what, she’s funny, let’s let her go.’ ”

Sounds completely true. (Seriously, I believe her. I believe.)

Oh, and when she was 15, she dated a drummer who went on to play with ZZ Top.

Fairchild snaps a selfie before The Talk. (Twitter)

And while we might not see her lustrous platinum mane much on TV these days, she is still toiling.

A three-year board member of the Screen Actors Guild, she’s served on several committees—co-chair Legislative Committee, National Executive Committee, SAG-AFTRA Relations Committee, Commercials Contracts Committee, Honors and Tributes Committee, and Guild Governance and Rules Committee.

Plus, this woman is one of the most prolific political tweeters on Twitter.

That’s just in the past 24 hours, not including retweets and responses. You might not like her opinions, but she’s clearly intelligent and thoughtful about what she posts. You won’t see: “Trump can eat a bag of dicks” or the like on her feed.

The lady’s far too classy for that.

I, on the other hand, am not.

Said Twitter profile might have served her well when it came to scoring the “Mélange” role, because producers reportedly paid careful attention to social media during casting.