You know how old-timers like Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash (RIP) have  played shows where it’s just, like, a musician and his acoustic guitar. Yeah, Dark Rooms is the exact opposite of that.

Dark Rooms. Photo via Facebook/darkrooms

There are so many wires, electronics and music-making gizmos on the little Club Dada stage that it practically gives me an anxiety attack.

And then. Then—frontman Daniel Hart picks up his violin—he’s been playing since age 3—and I hear the first few notes of “I Get Overwhelmed,” and Hart’s angelic vocals carry my worries up into the clouds …

As much as I wanted to merely bliss out for a few moments, I care about you all, so much, that I eventually whip out my damn smartphone and shoot a snippet:

Here’s the studio version, in full.

It is used as the trailer bed for, and a pivotal scene in, David Lowrey’s 2017 movie “A Ghost Story.”

Another side note: Hart has composed scores for multiple David Lowrey movies, and when he sent his filmmaking friend this song, Lowrey said, he listened to it repeatedly for, like, three entire days.

Here’s more about all that in a story from a while ago.

The newest Lowrey-Hart production stars Robert Redford.

Everyone says it’s Redford’s final movie, and critics already are predicting Oscar’s nod.