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Deplorable behavior in the Dallas Mavericks front office, including a former team president accused of sexually harassing anyone with a pulse, led the organization to rethink its dance team. The Dallas Mavericks cheerleaders used to perform very sexy dances wearing barely-there uniforms. Last year former members complained about not being paid by a team worth billions, and now the squad is hitting the skids. CEO Cynt Marshall, hired to remake the Mavs’ image, ordered last year that the cheerleaders dress more modestly and perform more family friendly choreography. The team announced this past weekend that the squad and the ManiAACs male dance team are being replaced with other entertainers, although the team says they’ll still have a dance squad too. Former cheerleaders say they’re being scapegoated. The daily newspaper says NBA cheerleaders are an outdated concept born of 1970s sexism.  (KXAS)