Photo by: Kathy Tran

Roasts and toasts

Cultivar is a coffee nerd’s paradise.

Here you can take time to enjoy the nuances of coffee the way a wine connoisseur ponders layers of flavors.

But it’s not just for coffee snobs.

“We take it very seriously, but we try to do that as approachably as we can,” says Cultivar co-founder Jonathan Meadows. “Whatever cup of coffee makes you happy, that also makes us happy. Specialty coffee can be fun, and it doesn’t have to be serious.”

Cultivar started roasting beans in East Dallas in 2009, opening a shop on Peavy and Garland roads. Later they opened a shop off the square in Denton.

The Jefferson Boulevard location is their third and most ambitious shop.

It’s the only one that doesn’t share space with another small business. So it’s the first opportunity the company’s had to show a little more personality.

Photo by: Kathy Tran

“For a long time people have said, ‘You have really great coffee, but you don’t have that coffee shop vibe that we want.’ ” Meadows says. “This location definitely represents that kind of space.”

Along with coffee, Cultivar also offers beer, wine and food. There are breakfast toasts and sandwiches for lunch, all made with Empire Baking Co. bread and fresh ingredients.

“We try to keep things very approachable and simple,” Meadows says.

Did you know: Cultivar also offers its beans by the bag

Cultivar Coffee

Ambiance: Coffee house
Price range: $5-$12
313 W. Jefferson Blvd.