Azucar Ice Cream’s time in Bishop Arts has melted away and the frozen dessert shop will close July 26 , the company announced in an Instagram post.

For the last five years, Azucar has supplied our neighborhood with Cuban-style ice cream at 269 N. Bishop Ave.

“It was a dream and an honor to share our Cuban heritage with Dallas,” Azucar wrote in an Instagram comment Tuesday.

Now the shop will be replaced by Botolino Gelato Artigianale, which has locations at Preston Royal and Greenville, following what Azucar manager Andy de la Fuente describes as a “slimy” deal regarding the store’s lease.

The misunderstanding has made it all the more difficult for Azucar to say goodbye.

“I would have done anything to keep our store,” said de la Fuente.

Since the lease misunderstanding has been made public, de la Fuente has been in a one-sided feud with Carlo Gattini, owner of Botolino.

Gattini’s photo is posted on the door of the ice cream shop next to the store hours with “BOO BOTOLINO,” written below his face. Red devil horns and eyes were drawn onto the image which also says “NO ENTRY.”

While Azucar’s lease extends until July 31, the early closure will allow the store owners to fully move out of the space.

“We have to take everything out of the unit. I’m not giving Exxir or Botolino everything I built,” an Instagram comment from Azucar says.

When the Advocate last spoke with de la Fuente, Azucar was “actively looking” for a new location to move into in Bishop Arts. The store had not announced plans for a new location as of Tuesday.