Roast beef sandwich at Potpourri of Silk (Photo by Kathy Tran)

Bolsa Mercado is closing its West Davis storefront at the end of August and moving into a catering only venture.

Regulars there know their baristas by name. You can make friends and business connections there. It’s a great place to work or have a meeting. Plus, they have great sandwiches and salads.

How could we ever replace that?

There’s already a restaurant in Oak Cliff that has many of those same qualities. If you love Bolsa Mercado, then you should try Potpourri of Silk at 317 N. Zang.

First, the atmosphere: Potpourri of Silk has great natural light and lots of space, including tables and couches.

It’s local, owned and operated by the Barreiro family who started it as a cake business more than 20 years ago.

It’s work-friendly; they have WiFi.

The food is amazing and affordable. Chef Andres Barreiro brines and roasts all of the restaurant’s sandwich meat — chicken, pork loin and beef. And all of the sandwiches, which cost $11, are served on house-made bread. There’s also a soup every day and decadent treats including cookies, cakes and tarts, all made in house.

Potpourri of Silk is open 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday.

It’s a tearoom, so it’s not Bolsa Mercado. But it is a darn good lunch from a local family business.