Where has your salsa been?

Ever wondered what restaurants do with that salsa that is left in the dipping bowl when you are done? Seems like a waste to just throw it away, right?

At the same time, your cousins from out of town have been double dipping all evening, and there are soggy chip shards floating in the spicy murk, so maybe it is best if it is thrown away.

Restaurant inspectors have very strict opinions on the above issues above (and many others), and in the most recent inspection reports, some of our neighborhood ‘s eateries did not fair so well. See below for some local lowlights. You can see all the restaurant inspection results here:

Grading scale:

59 and below: Unacceptable – Closure, requires re-inspection before opening
69 – 60: Failing – Requires follow-up inspection within 10 days or closure
79 – 70: Passing – Requires re-inspection within 30 days
89 – 80: Good – Requires regular six-month inspection
100 – 90: Very good – Requires regular six-month inspection

Taqueria La Famosita
10342 Ferguson Road
Inspection Score: 60
Why: Expired food items; food previously served to other customers served to other customers; employees not washing hands; bathroom sink used for other purposes; flies present; toilet tissue not provided.

Andrea’s Restaurant
7260 Gaston Ave.
Inspection Score: 64
Why: Unclean equipment; employees using tobacco; food not stored to prevent cross-contamination; incorrect date labels on food; trash cans needed.

Lakewood’s 1st & 10
6465 E. Mockingbird Lane, Ste. 316
Inspection Score: 60
Why: Cross Contaminated food; toxic items not labeled in non-original container; no date marked on prepared food; bathroom sink used for other purposes; rust on food and non-food contact surfaces; employees using tobacco; equipment and utensils not cleaned before restocking.