Carly Farmer, CJF Photography

A newly married couple in Oklahoma takes their collegiate sports, and their desserts, very seriously.

Oklahoma University super fans Samuel Cox and Caddie Proctor ordered a 150-pound cake in the shape of their alma mater’s football stadium for their wedding July 29.

Bronwen Weber, pastry chef at Dallas-based Frosted Art Bakery & Studio, created the cake with sous chef Ryan Coffey.

The cake, measuring 4-feet by 4.5-feet, weighed in with 60 pounds of fondant. It was crafted over about a week and placed on a bed of dry ice for the trip across the Red River for wedding day.

A photo of the cake went viral, with more than 55,000 shares, and ABC News even made a highlight reel.

The couple, Cox and Proctor, met after a 2013 football game at the stadium, and proctor is the granddaughter of former OU football coach Bobby Proctor.

Chef Bronwen Weber says that next she would like to tackle AT&T Stadium or perhaps the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota, where the Super Bowl will be played next year.