Summertime is still in full swing and craft beers couldn’t be more appropriate for the summer nights, but where to start with thousands of local and global brews? Do you like something that’s hoppier? What about something with a twist a flavor? Stan Nauman, Jim Waskow and Stephanie Roethlisberger from Craft Beer Cellar on Gaston Avenue give their suggestions on summer brews.

Yellow Rose – Lone Pint Brewery (Magnolia, Texas)
ABV: 6.8%; IBUs: 62

“It’s a single-malt, single-hop IPA. It’s called a SMaSH. It’s generally considered one of the better beers made in Texas. It’s a good example of the style. It’s dry hopped and has an amazing aroma. It has a dry finish. It’s an IPA lover’s IPA.”

The Salty Lady – Martin House Brewing (Fort Worth, Texas)
ABV: 5%

“It’s tart but it has a saltiness that sets it apart from your typical sour. Very refreshing. Very light. Very effervescent Generally a good amount of carbonation and generally loved by all.”

Feisty Blonde – HopFusion Ale Works (Fort Worth, Texas)
ABV: 8.27%; IBUs: 16.6

“It’s a little different from your average blonde. It’s not a traditional blonde, it has vanilla and honey. A smooth finish. I wouldn’t consider it a hoppy beer. It’s very refreshing and very good for the summer. That’s a good introductory beer. It’s a good way to turn someone on to beer.”

Professor Black – Sour Cherry Stout – Blue Owl Brewing (Austin, Texas)
ABV: 6.1%; IBUs: 40

“Other than it’s real good? It’s new in cans here. We’ve had it on draft here for a little while, but now it’s on their full year lineup in cans.”

Redbud – Independence Brewing Company (Austin, Texas)
ABV: 4.5%; IBUs: 15

“It’s a Berliner Weisse. It’s available year round and super refreshing. We sell a ton of it.

Mango Smash IPA – Three Nations Brewing Co. (Farmers Branch, Texas)
ABV: 6.9%

“Great seller. It’s one of their new additions to their lineup. Pretty local. We put it on draft right before it came out in cans and it sold out in days.”

La Chouffe – Brasserie d’Achouffe (Belgium)
ABV: 8%

“It’s great year round. It’s a Belgian Tripel. It’s readily available and always delicious.”