Seeing a mouse scurry across a restaurant isn’t exactly appetizing, especially when memories of a norovirus outbreak are still fresh.

Three weeks ago, a Dallas man captured a video of three mice dawdling through Chipotle in the West End Historic District. The location closed Tuesday — at least, for now.

Chipotle spokeswoman Quinn Kelsey told the Dallas Morning News that the rodents ventured into the fast casual chain through a small structural gap. Even though it was repaired, they shut down the location to survey the century-old building’s construction.

Sure, mice joining lunch with no invitation is unsettling. But other than that incident, the West End joint has aced city food inspections. The restaurant’s past two scores were 94 and 91 out of 100, respectfully.

Learn more about the ordeal here or here.  (For the Chipotle enthusiasts mourning its closure, another location on McKinney Avenue is only a half-mile away.)