East Dallas is packed with dog lovers, but where is Fido welcome to join his humans for a beer, perhaps with his own dish of water? We’ve got you covered with an interactive map of our neighborhood’s pup-friendly places online at
lakewood.advocatemag.com/dogdining. Here’s a sampling of places you and your four-legged friend can visit together.

Slater’s 50/50
2817 Greenville Ave.
Who says a dog can’t be wined and dined too? Here, your pooch has their own menu where they can order a 50/50 patty (half beef, half turkey), or bacon or chicken strips.

Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House
1154 Peavy Road
Enjoy a brew (or two) with man’s best friend on Goodfriend’s pup-friendly patio.

TOASTED Coffee + Kitchen
5420 Ross Ave. #180
Bring Fido to brunch with a wide array of avant-garde toast combinations.

Veritas Wine Bar
2323 Henderson Ave. #103
What’s better than a glass of wine? Vino with the fur baby.

Houndstooth Coffee
1900 N. Henderson Ave.
A morning run or walk with the pup would not be complete without
a cup of joe at the aptly named shop.