North Texas Giving Day is this Thursday, September 14. It is one of the biggest ways for North Texans to come together and give a little to thousands of nonprofits who rely on the donations from campaigns like this. How can I help? Who does this benefit? We’ve got you covered.

What: North Texas Giving Day is the “annual 18-hour online giving extravaganza for North Texas nonprofits that is powered by creative nonprofits, social media activism, area wide collaboration, and of course you.”

Who: In Dallas alone, there are over 1400 nonprofits who will be taking donations. These nonprofits benefit animals, education, the environment, mental health and disabilities, and so much more.

When: September 14 from 6 a.m. to midnight

Where: Donate on Have your credit cars at the ready.

Why: During last year’s 18-hour event, $37 million was collected for over 2,500 nonprofits. Since 2009, NTX Giving day has received $155 million in donations.