James Franco came to Dallas in October of 2015 to shoot scenes of “11/22/63” for Hulu. The Stephen King adaptation had Franco’s character go back in time to stop John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

It wouldn’t be as realistic if the iconic scene of the motorcade was shot anywhere besides Dealey Plaza. But for Dallas residents, this caused very polarizing (but very Dallas) reactions: “Oh my god, it’s James Franco the movie star!” and “Oh my god, why is there all this traffic?”

In addition, as one would imagine, this caused quite a media frenzy, with GuideLive and D Magazine sharing behind-the-scenes shots from social media.

News crews like CBS 11 and NBC 5 also made their way out to capture footage for later news segments.

Once the chaos cleared the streets and the miniseries saw its first sneak peak months later, publications, like the Dallas Observer, and fans made sure to acknowledge how exciting the project looked.

“11/22/63” has since had its full rollout on the streaming service. So if you’re looking for another Franco sighting, you may have to head out to New York City, where he’s shooting “The Deuce” for HBO.