Picking which slice(s) of pie might be one of the most difficult decisions you make this month. But when it comes to sacrificing those coveted calories and impending buttons on your favorite pair of jeans, you want to make sure that your selection is worth every last bite. So instead of spending hours and hours trying to perfect grandma’s best or making a last-minute run to the store, get a pie that can compete with the best and not make you regret your decision later.

After scouring the Internet, one destination definitely reigned supreme: Emporium Pies.

After opening in 2012 in Bishop Arts, this sweet shop gained traction and quickly opened a location in McKinney. This was followed by a Deep Ellum addition in 2016.

Emporium Pies prides themselves on their pies being handmade and “offerings [changing] with the seasons. [They] contain no artificial preservatives, hydrogenated oils, dyes or corn syrup.”

Photo via emporiumpies.com

Right now, just in time for the holidays, they are featuring seven pies:

Nutty Honey – Peanut butter cream with crunchy honey bits ($6 a slice/$40 for the whole pie)

The Drunken Nut – Bourbon pecan with shortbread crust ($6 a slice/$30 for the whole pie)

Smooth Operator – French silk chocolate with a pretzel crust ($6 a slice/$30 for the whole pie)

Lord of the Pies – Deep dish apple pie with cinnamon streusel ($6 a slice/$40 for the whole pie)

Drop Dead Gourdgeous – Spicy pumpkin custard with a gingerbread crust ($6 a slice/$40 for the whole pie)

The Nannerz – Bananas, maple caramel and a vanilla custard ($6 a slice/$30 for the whole pie)

Buttercream Gang – Buttermilk pie, just like grandma makes it ($6 a slice/$30 for the whole pie)

So if you’re interested in ordering a pie in advance or just want to know what times you can get your late-night fix, take a look here for more information.

Choose wisely.