Photo by Danny Fulgencio

The National Rifle Association expects  President Donald Trump to speak at its its annual meeting in Dallas Friday. Expect tons of guns at the convention, where about 80,000 attendees are expected—that is, except during Trump and Mike Pence’s speeches. When POTUS and VP are onstage, guns are prohibited—hey, it’s a Secret Service policy. So what are you going to do.

The NRA contributed $30-million to Trump’s presidential campaign.

Trump isn’t the only celebrity prepping to talk guns Friday. Protesters including actress Alyssa Milano are on the way as well. Multiple rallies opposing the NRA  are planned this weekend.

The Dallas Police Department will have officers embedded all over the place, though decline to say specifically how many.

And controversy in Big D wouldn’t be the same without Dale Hansen’s commentary—although this is the first time I think he’s used special effects in his WFAA broadcast.

Bye, hi—heeeee’s baaaack. After speaking at the Dallas convention, Trump will be due back in the city a week later, when he is set to headline a fundraiser there for his re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee.