Hi! Welcome to north Oak Cliff. It’s a scientific fact that you’ll never be more than a few feet from Fito’s, Cesar’s or El Paisano taquería. Any of those will do, along with El Si Hay and Limón’s, among the many others that are … fine.

But a few are truly special. Tape this list to your fridge. See you at Nova!

Trompo tacos. Photo by Kathy Tran


It’s hard to resist eating here every day. Crispy pork and cheese on the gringa quesadilla, with that green sauce? It’s enough for a whole meal, but we always want a taco too. Hashtag team thick.

This basket of Monterrey delights is best eaten standing up inside the sparse restaurant. If you must sit down, take them to the car, we suppose. But don’t go too far before digging into these babies, which are cranked out of the Trompo kitchen with consistent perfection. The current location is in a hard-to-find building on Singleton (across the street from the “Trinity Green” sign), but the owners are planning to open a new location in the Bishop Arts District soon.

Tacos from El Taxqueõ on Zang Boulevard. Photo by Kathy Tran

El Taxqueño

Longtime Dallas cook Amado Monroy’s family-owned restaurant offers delicious tacos and four house-made salsas, plus entrees such as costillas en verde, a pork-rib recipe from his wife, Maria. A native of Taxco, Guerrero, she also makes corn tortillas, gorditas and sopes by hand.

This is the best meal you’ll have in a restaurant that also serves as a Mexico bus stop. Once a month, they host an open mike night for Oak Cliff teenagers.

Tacos Mariachi. Photo by Kathy Tran

Jesús Carmona’s Tijuana-inspired taco shop brings a hint of authenticity to gentrified West Dallas. Kitschy atmosphere and a breezy patio add to the appeal. The menu has traditional and gourmet versions of Mexican street food, plus margaritas and aguas frescas.

This place was popular even before it appeared on Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives” earlier this year.