TMZ has a “Sports” page. It includes an abundance of women’s bottoms in string bikinis, just so you know, and there’s news (ish) there, like the one about Dallas Cowboys teammates Dak and Zeke’s purchases at Shorty’s Market in Key West. Hint: It wasn’t bananas. Also, Zeke was wearing a fanny pack at a nightclub. (TMZ) Way to bury the lede, you guys. And in the players’ defense, they were in Florida. When in Florida…

Residents of Downtown Dallas are afraid. Yes, if you’ve been asleep for a decade, people live there now. An assailant recently targeted a neighborhood association board member. That’s after several other attacks over a short span. So they walk. (KDFW)

The husband beat the cat. The wife killed the husband. (CBS Local)

(Carol Toler)

Sex toys. Oh, so now we have your attention. Yeah, an erotica and kink shop is about to open in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas, so concerned citizens are coming out of the woodwork, so to speak. (Lake Highlands Advocate)

Photo by Danny Fulgencio

And how’s that “build-pocket-parks-to-stop-the-strip-club” idea working out? (Lake Highlands Advocate magazine)

Gangster of Love is just Steve to some. Among the many celebrities who attended Dallas’ St. Mark’s was Space Cowboy Steve Miller. Writer Max Marshall graduated 13 years later, but found in The Joker, smoker, midnight toker, a mentor and friend. (Texas Monthly)

Dallas native and “Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison, who attended Lake Highlands High, not St. Mark’s, exclusively reveals to one rag his favorite contestants. (People) And here’s his take on Dallas. (Lake Highlands Advocate magazine)

What are records even good for anymore? We know, hipsters and hippies, vinyl is super groovy. And so is Good Records on Lower Greenville. But this record-shattering activity recorded in slow-mo is quite stirring.

Is there an abandoned house in your neighborhood? A defunct, empty business? An eyesore, perhaps, but there’s more meaning in such things than one might think. (Curbed/ Lincoln Institute of Land Policy) C’mon, we know it’s not so sexy, but you’re going to seem super-informed when you bring this one up at the HOA meeting, er, book club… um… party?

As she is wont to do, Foodbitch says it best: “Look at these f-ing milkshakes.” (Central Track)

The Dallas Arboretum welcomes A Tasteful Place in the form of a veggie garden. (East Dallas Advocate)