Steel City Pops- 6025 Royal Lane, suite 105 & 2012 Greenville Avenue

These fresh and delicious popsicles give a new meaning to the dessert from your childhood. They are made fresh with organic, locally sourced ingredients and gluten-free. However, the best part of them isn’t their low-calorie count, it’s their taste–making Steel City Pops the perfect place to try this summer. Their hours are Sunday- Thursday 11am-10pm and Friday & Saturday 11am-11pm.

Sno- 10455 North Central Expy

This summer hot spot is the perfect place to take your family after a long day by the pool. Located off of North Central Expy, it is convenient, fast and low cost. They also offer a variety of natural flavors such as guava and hibiscus. Their hours are 11am-10pm every day.


Frutería Cano- 723 S Beacon St

This chain of fruit markets has more to sell than just fresh produce. Yes, a ripe fruit can be refreshing on a hot day, but have you ever tried a mangonada? This slushie is made from fresh mangos, is served in a carved-out pineapple and is topped with whip cream. This fun and unique dessert is a great way to get your sugar fix this summer. They’re open 8am-10pm every day.


Milk & Cream- 5420 Ross Ave

This Dallas spot takes ice cream to the next level. They sandwich freshly made ice cream between two donuts. They also offer fun flavors and classic kid’s cereal to top off sundaes. They are open 12:00pm-10:00pm every day but are closed on Thursdays.


Sprinkles Ice Cream-  8413 Preston Center

This chain store offers brownie sundaes, cookie sandwiches, ice cream shakes, root beer floats and more. The storefront is adjacent to Sprinkles Cupcakes, making it a place to go for the whole family, especially those picky eaters. Their store hours are 12:00pm-11:00pm Sunday- Thursday and 12:00pm-12:00am Friday & Saturday.


Encanto Pops- 831 W Davis St

This funky popsicle place is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer. They offer both cream based and water based pops in fun flavors such as avocado soursop, blueberry guava, and prickly pear/ passion fruit. They’re open Monday-Wednesday 12pm-8pm and Thursday- Sunday 12pm-9pm.

Picole Pops- 415 W Davis St

Located just down the street from the last spot, Picole Pops is sure to wow you. This sweet spot puts a new twist on popsicles. Their menu is filled with fun and unique options including stuffed pops with Nutella and other goodies. They’re open everyday 12pm-10pm, check it out.