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Traffic, trails and streets

Step away from your car unless you are prepped for procrastination.

Carmageddon impending
You have been warned. Don’t have Waze or some other traffic navigation app? Either download one to your mobile device at once, or stay home all weekend, because traffic along a slice of Central Expressway will look like that scene from “Deep Impact” (or pick your favorite movie jam-up) depicting denizens’ efforts to escape the epic wave come to wash away humankind. (Preston Hollow Advocate) Or like Thursday’s preposterous pile up. (Dallas Morning News)

Love ‘em? Or are you a complain-y one?
Public murals — good, bad and ugly — once were mostly resigned to the likes of Oak Cliff and Deep Ellum. But now it is a trend, like, everywhere. “I picked things that wouldn’t make people too complain-y,” one artist says, as he adds an image of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge to a North Dallas fresco. (Preston Hollow Advocate)

Hill, yeah!
Flag Pole Hill has it going on, with almost-there attractions including an innovative playground (Lake Highlands Advocate) and wooded walking path (Lake Highlands Advocate), part of our city’s titanic trail-network plan. (Lake Highlands Advocate)

Guns, guns and fires. (Photo by Danny Fulgencio)

Police, crime, calamity (stay with us; we’ll get to the fun stuff in a sec)

90s-era Dallas Cowboys star’s son charged in double homicide
Police believe 20-year-old Cassius Shakembe Williams — son of Erik Williams, who played offensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys during the glory years (and then some) — allegedly took part in killing two men, possibly during a drug deal gone bad. (TMZ Sports)

Naked and enraged 
It happens to the best of us, am I right? Evicted from your Uptown digs—upset, afraid … um, naked because, well, you have your reasons—you set the apartment on fire (twice), fistfight a few cops, suffer their stun gun like a champ. At least she has a place to stay tonight; too bad it’s county jail. (Dallas Morning News)

Dallas’ daily interrogated the new police chief. We learned 5 things. 
Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall says to expect elevated attention paid to prostitution, gangs, guns, auto theft and drugs. She also has a bit of beef with D Magazine. (Dallas Morning News)

Nita Tarango, Homer Hutchins, Shamika Sorrells and Sherry Sutton recall the July 2016 police shootings and a photo of them seen around the world. Their account is raw and painful and will yank hard at your heartstrings. If not, you should check your pulse. (You Tube/Dallas Morning News)

Pool party takes a deranged turn
It’s what happens when someone brings a gun to a water-balloon fight. Sure, blasting liquid-loaded rubber sacs at your friends during a rooftop pool party in Downtown Dallas is all fun and games. Right up until bullets start flying. (NBC DFW)

The big take
One departing Dallas housing official stands accused of embezzling some $800,000. (CBS DFW)

Killer duo detained 
Pair accused of murdering two men found stuffed into a Cadillac trunk near a southwest Dallas playground are in custody. Police tracked down one suspect and the other was already jailed on other charges. (CBS DFW)

Potentially precedent-setting CTE case settled, closed
Widow of a long-ago Texas Longhorn football player sued the NCAA over her husband’s concussion-related brain injuries, which apparently caused his 2015 death. The trial in Dallas would have been a landmark case, the first CTE-related wrongful death suit to go before a judge and jury. But after three days in court, parties settled. The NCAA admitted no liability. (ESPN)

Two injured in mindboggling shootout 
Three armed men knocked on the door of a southeast Dallas home and started shooting at inhabitants, who promptly returned fire. All must ostensibly possess storm trooper aim; not one fatal shot was delivered, but two suspects were hospitalized. (NBC 5)

Tragic sex ring stopped under pretty cool circumstances 
Feds arrested Dallas lovers running supposed sex-traffic ring, with help from the ice cream truck driver. (CBS Local)

Lyin’ lawyer?
Feds say longtime Dallas attorney Walter Thomas Finley, who touted “the highest level of integrity” ripped off a client to the tune of almost $400,000. (NBC DFW)

Three dogs bite man
And the victim is in critical condition. Had last Saturday evening’s southern Dallas dog attack happened, say, several weeks from now, the owner could face criminal charges, as our city council is set to vote soon on intensifying a dangerous dog ordinance. (Fox4) South Dallas is infamous for its loose, dumped-and-dying canine issues, as explored in this feature about a Dallaswoman’s militant, in-the-trenches animal activism. (Lake Highlands Advocate)

Let’s find this killer 
Briana Williams was murdered May 28, Dallas Police say. The 22-year-old with a sparkling smile was identified just this week. Police and Fire-Rescue workers called to a business parking lot in northwest Dallas discovered her unconscious body and soon ruled her deceased. Police say their investigation leads them to believe the motorcycle-riding man in this video is the killer. (DPD Beat)

Hate it when that happens
When you’re trying to get a little exercise on the neighborhood high school track and someone shoots you in the ankle. (DMN)

Is homelessness a crime?
A homeless person living on public land is a code issue, not a crime (Lake Highlands Advocate). Some think it should be. (Lake Highlands Advocate) Dallas already criminalized panhandling. But here’s an argument against punishing “vagrancy.” (City Lab)

Runner disappears from Dallas park; ‘Help us find Adam,’ family pleas
Adam Rodriguez, 31, parked his car at Kiest Park in Oak Cliff Mondayevening, headed out for a jog and has not been seen since. His family is frantic. (Oak Cliff Advocate)

20k plumbing bill underscores police-pension mess
One emeritus Dallas cop couldn’t afford pricey new pipes. Karen McNamera’s $20,000 sanitation situation illuminates the lingering police pension fund predicament. While $20k is a hefty price tag, the police-force veteran had saved some half a million bucks for retirement. She just can’t get her hands on it. (WFAA)

Illmatic cover 1994


You had us at ‘The Wire.’ Now take my money.
Gritty comic book “City of Hate” reportedly reads like “The Wire” and is about Dallas and our police force. Also, its author calls it a love letter to our city, faults and all. (Dallas Observer)

It was the yeast he could do
Whataburger and Raising Cane’s—both big players in Dallas’ fast food biz —pulled bad buns of late due to a “yeast imbalance” that caused a weird taste. Predictably, a TV reporter tasted the potentially problematic fare on air. And you won’t believe what happened next (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves) … (WFAA)

Something (awful) in the air. And it could happen here.
Dallas sees portable potties aplenty—in construction areas, along trails, parks and outdoor events. Highland Park, the municipality that requires concealment of the unsightly things notwithstanding. (Candy’s Dirt) But please never ever let toilets rocket upward during a windstorm, spewing contents onto crowd. (Laughing Squid)

Why not slice up some soccer balls from various eras, see what’s inside?
Ever wondered about the guts of FIFA World Cup soccer balls from 1930, 1970, 2018? No? We haven’t either. But these guys have, so they cut ‘em up. Watch between games and while awaiting the arrival (right here in Dallas) of 2020’s balls. (Laughing Squid/You Tube’s What’s Inside)

Mesmerizing map of Dallas in the late 1800s
Drawing of Dallas’ dream from 1892 shows plans that never came to fruition. Some things never change. But this artist rendering of our city, integrating intended improvements, is so intricate and pockmarked with historical tidbits, one could get lost in it for days. (DallasMagazine)

The case of the underpaid, overworked cheerleader 
Ever heard how much money Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders make? About $4,700 per year. Ridiculous Cowboys mascot Rowdy makes 65k. Finally, one of the bare bellied beauties grew some balls. She’s suing. (New York Post)

Love/hate relationship
The World Cup—coming, not all that soon to our city—has seen its share of controversy. As John Oliver once said, “If you love something, never find out how it was made.” It’s the sausage principle. And then he showed us his sausage. (HBO/YouTube)

Suppliers of contentious card say, ‘We missed the mark’
“Baby Daddy” Father’s Day card found in Dallas has folks furious, freaking out, LOL and calling upon Target stores for change.  (New York Times)

He has the music in him
And everybody wants some. Dallas-native Daniel Hart wrote the score for Natalie Portman-produced documentary “Eating Animals.” (Hollywood Reporter) It screened at the Oak Cliff Film Festival last weekend. Such a rising star is this 40-something Richardson High School and SMU alum, that the likes of Robert Redford, Casey Affleck, David Sedaris, Ira Glass, freakin’ Disney Movies, and Dallas director (the marvelously mustachioed) David Lowery all want to work with him. (Dallas Magazine)

She gave away that last rose
GuideLive’s Texan of the Year, Oak Cliff-bred Rachel Lindsay, was the first black woman to headline a season of “The Bachelorette” (Dallas Morning News), which happens to be hosted by Lake Highlands product Chris Harrison. (Lake Highlands Advocate)

The life (dry or) aquatic
Preston Hollow-born actor Owen Wilson is addicted, the evidence suggests, to saunas. (Dallas Magazine)

Serious, provocative art, sound meets strategic business move
An historic image of five black children in South Dallas carrying toys and/or guns is incorporated in the cover art of Nas’ new album, “Nasir,” which debuted last weekend. (CityLab)

Bullish deals and healthcare bulls— (Photo by Danny Fulgencio)


AT&T and Time Warner’s $85 billion deal, good as done
Dallas-based AT&T’s “monumental victory” could mean major impact on the media business. (Texas Standard)

Mower on a mission
Rodney Smith Jr. — who owns Raising Men Lawn Service in Alabama — is crossing the country, offering free lawn care to veterans, single moms, the elderly and others in need. Like Mrs. Sanchez here, during his Dallas day this week. (CBS DFW)

Forced to buy drugs elsewhere because, money
Due to the usual and latest healthcare and insurance balderdash, independent pharmacies such as Dougherty’s are struggling. (Dallas Morning News)

D.C.’s dining scene, like ours, is hopping so watch what happens with 77 
Tipping could be a perishing practice. D.C. voters are set to decide on Initiative 77, which would progressively raise tipped workers’ minimum wage (thus gradually eliminating the obligation to tip). But good servers can earn far above minimum wage in gratuities. This set is fighting for “No” votes on 77. It’s a nuanced topic. (City Lab/Washington City Paper)

It’s about damn time
Recycling is mandatory at all condos and apartment buildings in the city come Jan. 1, 2020. (KRLD) We’ve been griping about this issue, especially after having a look at the city’s new $20 million recycling center. (Dallas Magazine and Lake Highlands Advocate)

A Venezuelan child holds her mom. (Photo by Danny Fulgencio)


Immigration and (a little politics)

‘It breaks my heart,’ says Laura Bush on immigration policy
America’s new zero-tolerance rule results in removing children from parents accused of illegally crossing the border. It is cruel, immoral and heartbreaking, opines Preston Hollow resident and former First Lady Laura Bush in a national newspaper. (Washington Post)

Let’s make immigrant kids a little less terrified 
Dallas County offered to house children whose parents had been detained for illegally entering America. Federal agents would consider such sites as “camps, retreats, anything with dorms …” “What ya got North Texas? Let’s step up 4 kids!” Tweeted Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. Several did, pronto. (KERA) By week’s end, however, the President said separations would cease.

Company separates self from First Baptist/Jeffress
Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress lost a billboard battle, and he blames the mayor and Dallas’ daily paper. Really? Could they be responsible for the removal of First Baptist Church billboards featuring Jeffress’ smiling face and proclaiming “America is a Christian Nation”? People bombarded outdoor advertising company Outfront Media with complaints about the church’s message, so they pulled the ads. Pastor Jeffress, as he is wont to do, appeared on Fox News to discuss. (Dallas Observer)

Dallas socialite who tweets for Trump
This Dallas socialite (and her spectacular hat) serves as the national director of Trumpettes of America. She tweets, “As much as you want to be a girl, you will never be one” at transgender people, and “I’m a mom, tweeting from Dallas … you dumbass!” That sort of thing. (Dallas Observer) She’s … assertive. Sort of like that one sorority sister whose email to her chapter turned into a cultural sensation. (Funny or Die)

R.I.P. to a Dallas game changer 
John Loza, Dallas City Council from 1997 until 2000, is dead at age 54. An openly gay man, Loza denounced the Republican stance on LGBT and immigration issues and switched political parties. Also, “He made Dallas a better place,” current councilman Kingston says. (KERA/The Dallas Voice)

Beautiful generic school hallway. (Photo by Greta Diaz)


Is Woodrow built on a haunted burial ground or something? 
Principals are treating one of Dallas’ “great” public educational institutions like the poltergeist house. Once anxious to move in, they’re now fleeing the pinnacle post by year’s end. (Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate)

At least …
A new Dallas ISD trustee is primed to problem solve. Here’s how Justin Henry’s win could prove pivotal for Dallas’ public schools. (Lakewood/East DallasAdvocate)

 There is such thing as a free lunch
School’s out for summer. Woo hoo! For some Dallas children, however, that means going hungry. Check out 19 Dallas libraries offering free meals for kids all season. (WFAA)

Confederate ties severed
Another entity recognizes when change is in order? Stonewall Jackson Elementary. The East Dallas school officially is now Mockingbird Elementary. (East Dallas Advocate)