From robot mail carriers and voguing to the Jordan Edwards murder trial and dubious politicians; an unbelievable story about recovery of stolen property and another about how that siren hack last year started a nationwide inquiry. Learn what the hell ‘sneak culture’ is and why a black pregnant woman’s false shoplifting accusation is part of a concerning trend, and a shit-ton more subjects we had neither the manpower nor the time to report on ourselves. 

Cool crap (5)

Photo by Danny Fulgencio

What is perfect weather, anyway? A cool 43 degrees is best for marathon runners (FiveThirtyEight), and Lil “You keep the sunshine, save me the rain” Wayne prefers storm clouds. But which American city provides plentiful so-called pleasant weather? Notoriously overcast Seattle scores surprisingly high on this scoreboard of “nice days.” Dallas doesn’t fare well, tallying a mere 46 of them— but we give great air conditioning! Both Corpus Christi and Honolulu’s weather are considered worse than Dallas. Do oven temperatures matter so much when you have beaches and surf? We think not. (Washington Post)

Picture this: You’re putting back drinks with the girls at a swanky Uptown watering hole when you see something on the wall that makes you wonder if you’ve had one too many — a vintage portrait of your mother as a young girl. Just hovering there, over the barkeep’s noggin. It happened to Katy Ryan. Back in 2006, pilferers pinched the painting from her mom’s Park Cities home. The Bowen House bought the painting last year at an antique boutique; it fits right in with the establishment’s old-fashioned leitmotif, but proprietors readily returned the art to its rightful owner. Not for nothing, though — they’re key players in this magical tale, and they aim to milk it for what it’s worth. (CBS)

Remember that time all of Dallas’ 156 emergency sirens started shrieking in 15 90-second sessions? And how it wasn’t a tornado or World War III but hackers who caused the cacophony? Like other “smart cities,” we’ve made ourselves vulnerable to tech-savvy tricksters. We’re talking Joker-degree anarchy here— destabilizing traffic lights, undermining radiation sensors or even causing a dam to overflow. That brings us to the bright side of the deafening Dallas incident. It inspired a nationwide investigation on the cybersecurity of urban infrastructure. Hopefully, it’ll lead to smarter smart cities. (WIRED)

Robots delivering packages to front doors — it’s not the plot of the next dystopian AI movie.  A Dallas City Council committee this week will learn details about a plan for “autonomous delivery devices,” which travel at about 10 mph and maneuver by way of software that processes a picture of the environment around them. (Fox 4)

Stylishly outfitted young gay men carrying out a curiously captivating dance-pose combination in a New York City park set the stage for the documentary “Paris is Burning.” The director’s late-1980s “voguing” encounter led to the creation of the culturally significant film chronicling race, class, gender and sexuality in America. Madonna’s appropriation propagated the practice. But that was forever ago. Voguing is still a thing, though. Fashionable and fierce as ever, featuring a few Millennial tweaks, there’s this significant, somewhat-surreptitious “voguing” society strutting its stuff here inDallas. So, don’t just stand there, let’s get to it, strike a pose, there’s nothing to it … (oh, sue us — it could not be helped.) (Dallas Morning News)

Entertain yourself (7)

The Dior suit Melania Trump wore in Paris was on point. Now it’s in Dallas’ Bush library. Getty Images

Yeah, yeah. But who was she wearing? An exhibit at George W. Bush Presidential Center examines the evolving role of first ladies, their unique platform, impact on society and history, “the burdens,” President Harry S. Truman pondered, “she must bear…” and … oh, hell, just come see Melania Trump’s Christian Dior skirt suit and Michelle Obama’s “belted, pleated, sleeveless red Michael Kors dress.” (Bush Center)

Aretha Franklin performed at Dallas’ Winspear in 2014, where, ‘testifying like a preacher,’ The Queen of Soul said she’d defied her doctor’s prognosis. “I’m going the distance,” she shouted. She did, for a few more years. (Guide Live)

It’s been 15 years … Remember the Bronco Bowl? The venue’s closing night in 2002 marked one of the most legendary lineups in local music history. In its place today is a damn Home Depot. (Central Track)

Sneakers are the new high heels, and it’s about damn time.

“Sneak culture.” Contrary to the imagery that might initially mentally materialize, it’s not some underground society of crafty, wily tricksters or police informants. No, we’re talking the sneaker-enthusiast scene. And that — only whittled down to an even more-niche “female sneakerhead”— is the target audience of an upcoming convention, wherein a woman can get her kicks. (Central Track)

Dallas musician Paul Cauthen performed his Sacramento gig with borrowed instruments after hoodlums jacked his van containing concert essentials. His pals raised cash to replace the up-and-comer’s equipment via GoFundMe. (Rolling Stone) (Dallas Morning News)

It’s a cutthroat road to Cowboys Cheerleader-hood. Brenda Teele, one on a panel of judges designed to destroy young women’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader dreams, takes viewers into the competitive world of tryouts and training camp. Final cuts go down this week. (KTBS)

A cult launched (“like melting-butter” baritone-voiced) Wade Goodwyn’s stellar career as reporter for NPR’s “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered.” Say what? Yep, and you read it here first. (Lakewood Advocate)

Building, development, transportation, business, blah, blah … (10)

Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Walk down West Davis Street in Oak Cliff, and you can’t miss the cloud-white bicycle propped against a Tyler street-sign post. (Oak Cliff Advocate) Such “ghost bikes” and silent rides have become a global ritual commemorating cycling deaths. (CityLab)

Citizens are standing in ‘”insane” 8-hour lines just to acquire ID cards and driver’s licenses from Texas’ DPS mega centers, built a few years back to alleviate long waits. Oops. (Dallas Morning News)

The only city building hotels faster than Dallas is New York. We have 156 projects in the works. (Dallas Morning News)

Why it took 31 years to construct 1.7 miles — the long, sordid, fascinating history of DFW’s busiest freeway. (WFAA)

Dallas DART Red and Blue Line platform extensions and 16 other projects nationwide could be culled, as The Federal Transit Administration sits on $1.4 billion dollars earmarked for new transit projects. The committee already identified grant-supported projects and Congress already approved financing. And municipalities have accounted for said fed funds in budgets. So why won’t administrators show TX DOT the money? (StreetsBlog)

Dallas’ Crespi Estate — a property owned over the years by the likes of Tom Hicks and one of Texas’ wealthiest developer-investors, Mehrdad Moayedi (Preston Hollow Advocate) — is back on the market. For $38.5 million, the mansion and its accompanying 14 acres is all yours. (Forbes)

Privatization of Fair Park seems imminent. (Photo by Danny Fulgencio)

With some trepidation, South Dallas residents support plans to privatize Fair Park. They wonder what it might mean for their neighborhood. (DMN)

Could DFW’s airports get in on this 3D scanner — already in use at a few major airports — that allows passengers to keep electronics and liquids in the bag? Please? (Washington Post)

Jim Bowles began his career as a Dallas police officer before becoming sheriff, a post he held for 20 years. (Dallas Morning News) In 2008, he published a novel, JFK Conspiracy: The Missing File, which he called a “spoof.” His actual recollection of the presidential assassination in Dallas is recorded in The Sixth Floor Museum’s oral histories collection. ( He died Saturday at age 89.

More houses coming to the Oak Cliff area? Could be — Dallas County just sold off 2.9 acres on Beckley Avenue at I-30. The parcel is zoned for single family homes and duplexes. (Oak Cliff Advocate)

Not cool (9)

Heat, death, crime and other yuck. (Photo by Danny Fulgencio)

A third Dallas County resident has suffered a heat-related death. Though extreme temps typically kill the infirm or elderly, this case involves a 30-year-old man who worked outdoors. (Dallas Morning News)

Kevin Hall, 29, is in jail facing murder charges. Police say he shot and killed Carlton Fisher, 56, outside a QuikTrip on Mockingbird Lane. (Fox 4)

After an East Dallas woman reports the so-called “spider bite flasher” two times in as many years (Lakewood Advocate), another woman comes forward with a similar story. (NBC 5)

Planning back-to-school shopping at Staples? Just be sure you aren’t pregnant, and black, lest you be detained for shoplifting. That actually happened at a Staples up north. Said shopper was not stealing, just carrying twins. It’s one in a concerning series of similar situations, some say. (VOX)

Nothing gentle about a series of strip club shootings — most recently, Tiger Cabaret in Old East Dallas was the site of a horrific attempted robbery. Outside the nudie bar, a man demanded money from another guy. The latter refused. The former shot him in the face. The victim reportedly is still alive. (DMN)

Slain teen Jordan Edwards’ mother Charmaine Edwards, left, speaks to supporters with son Vidal Allen, right, and husband Odell Edwards during a protest outside the courthouse in Dallas. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Dallas’ DA is on the legal team prosecuting a former cop charged with killing a 15-year-old boy. Balch Springs officer Roy Oliver fired into a car full of teenagers, fatally wounding Jordan Edwards; the accused says he thought the youngsters were gunning for his partner. (Dallas Morning News) Courtroom drama devotees can watch the entire trial online. (

Residents of forthrightly named The Residences at 1900 Elm began the weekend with a frustrating parking-lot flood and power outage after a pipe burst, gushing water into city streets, lower-level units and the garage. (CBS DFW) Hey, at least the whole dang carport didn’t cave-in.

Responders to a late-night 911 call last week found 36-year-old Calvin Graves inside his crashed-out vehicle, dead from an apparent shooting. Witnesses reportedly told police an SUV fled the scene. (NBC 5)

A pedestrian was crossing Ledbetter in southern Dallas when two cars simultaneously ran him down. Neither driver stopped. As of Sunday, the deceased had not been identified, and police have released little information about the crash. (Dallas Morning News)

A pinch of politics (6)

Politics, scandal and law intersect. (Danny Fulgencio)

Why is a Dallas Tea Party supporter mixed up in the presidential scandal of the week? Katrina Pierson implied in a taped TV interview that President Donald Trump (on whose re-election campaign she is working, BTW) used the N-word. Then she took it back. (Dallas Observer)

Vimeo is the latest major platform — following Facebook, YouTube and Apple — to remove all content from Texan conspiracy theorist and professional agitator Alex Jones. The reason? Hateful speech, including labeling the Sandy Hook massacre a hoax. (Business Insider) One brave Dallas journalist went inside the heads of local Alex Jones fans; the expedition proved insightful. (Dallas Morning News)

Uh-oh. Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Lupe Valdez seems to have misplaced a Beretta 9mm pistol issued to her while serving as Dallas County Sheriff. (DMN)

The City of Dallas is hard at work erasing disgraced councilman Dwaine Caraway from City Hall, (NBC 5) as the local media pokes fun at his in-office legacy. (Dallas MagazineDallas Observer) But, seriously, Caraway’s crimes are no laughing matter. The guy’s skullduggery could cost the city millions. (WFAA/You Tube)

Dallas Area Interfaith and the Catholic Diocese of Dallas are issuing ID cards to immigrants who do not have any photographic proof of identity, and they have the Dallas Police Department’s blessing. Involved parties hope the effort will improve communication between immigrant communities and law enforcement. Specifically, police hope legally undocumented people will feel more comfortable reporting crimes.  (HBO’s VICE News)

An investigation is underway after a Precinct 2 constable arrested a woman in Oak Cliff who subsequently was deported. Though she was in the U.S. illegally and reportedly has a felony criminal record, the arresting authority was far outside his jurisdiction — Mesquite and Garland areas. Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins says the inquiry is about a county constable working outside the purview of his duties, not immigration. (NBC 5)

Dishing on the dining scene (15)

The 100-year-old Dallas institution to close. (Photo by Christina Hughes)

Give this restaurant a rose — it’s opening night at Steam Theory Brewing in Trinity Groves, owned by The Bachelor host Chris Harrison.  (Lake Highlands Advocate)

Afraid the rumors are true — the 106-year-old Highland Park Soda Fountain on Knox is closing its doors Sept. 9. The news comes just a few months after the place started selling shaved ice. The shop invites patrons to share their favorite HP Soda Fountain stories. (Facebook/Culture Map)

Chipotle gone rogue? The wonders of late-night Chipotle include $2 tacos, succulents and a DJ. (Dallas Magazine)

Trump MUST be in on this. What is more luxurious than ice cream on a summer day? Edible gold-encrusted ice cream, perhaps? (Eater Dallas)

The best sushi, ramen spot few Dallas diners know exists. Yet. (Lake Highlands Advocate)

The massive meat-patty slinging, no-frills, come-one-come-all Wingfield’s claims an intriguing architectural history. (Oak Cliff Advocate)

Look, the fact that an eatery is located inside a gas station doesn’t make it bad. (Dallas Observer)

Highland Park seafood staple Hudson House is expanding (sadly, toward the ’burbs this time). Will Dallas catch one anytime soon? (Eater Dallas)

A still iffy, in one food writer’s opinion, Victory Park continues to draw dining-centric tenants including Sift & Pour Bakery, Jinya Ramen Bar and a new HG Sply concept. (Escape Hatch Dallas)

Coffee in the raw. (Danny Fulgencio)

‘Bicycles and coffee kind of go together’? We’d argue coffee and everything go together, but, hey, new trend alert: Bike shops becoming coffee houses. (Guide Live)

A favorite northern Dallas brunch bistro, Dream Café, bids night, night. (Culture Map)

I Screeeech for sugar. Did someone say “custard-filled cream puffs”? We’re listening … (Eater Dallas)

Bingbox, bring it on. Oh, it’s already been broughten! These sweet and snowy candy-coated desserts will have your head spinning and your brain freezin’. (Dallas Observer)

Four new restaurants are slated to open at the North Dallas mega-development Cypress Waters. (Culture Map)

Some of Dallas’ “best Thai” soon can be consumed at The Star in Frisco. (Eater Dallas)