Remember how candidate for Texas Governor and ex-Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez purportedly misplaced her pistol? Well … she did not.

Different gun, different brand; it’s just a stock photo. I know. (Photo by Danny Fulgencio)

Some simpleton manning the property room failed to log-in the weapon, which we now know ex-sheriff Valdez surrendered according to protocol.

The department that let Lupe take the blame responded rightly once it uncovered the mistake, and the gun. It issued an apology.


She surrendered the gun in January and it mistakenly was not entered into inventory at that time, according to a sheriff’s office press release.

The department notified Valdez that an in-depth dig unearthed the AWOL weapon and issued her an apology for distress or hardship related to the snafu.

As for that hardship …

Gov. Greg Abbott — who bled Lupe’s bad luck dry by recurrently ragging his Democratic Texas governor race opponent on Twitter — has not apologized.

On the contrary, the Republican incumbent doubled down, citing “mind-boggling” … “failed leadership” under Valdez as the cause of “this latest fiasco.”