Photo by Carol Toler

Who knew the Dairy Queen — yet to open on Skillman near Abrams — would be the subject of such interest? Maybe Dairy Queen is a cover for an opium den or something and, being a vegetarian and all, I never got wind.

Or … the Blizzards are that damn good, in which case, I’m there.

Hey, if Larry McMurtry discovered literary romance and inspiration from a DQ booth in a small Texas town, add it to my book of preferred establishments.

Thing is, the reporters at our mother publication, the Advocate magazines, are inundated with queries about this new DQ. When will it open? Everyone wants to know. And we simply cannot nail down an answer.

Via Slack, reporter/editors’ preferred internal communication forum. 

Even scrappy Lake Highlands beat writer Carol Toler, known to interrogate construction workers for scoops, did not determine an opening date, as she woefully concedes:

Officials at the new Skillman-Abrams Dairy Queen haven’t released an opening date or details about grand opening festivities, but contractors working feverishly inside say they expect the store to be ready “in a couple of weeks.”

Does that mean we’ll have Oreo Blizzards by Election Day? Hunger Busters by Thanksgiving?

We can only hope, Lake Highlands.

Dairy Queen’s “coming soon” sign went up in April on the former Chicken Express store at 6445 Eastridge next to the Skillman Home Depot, and since then Dilly Bar die-hards have been counting down the days.  Oh, and forget pumpkin pie. I’m thinking the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard Cake sounds like the perfect thing to take to Thanksgiving at Aunt Velma’s. —by Carol Toler