People-watching is one of the best attractions the State Fair of Texas has to offer.

It’s cheap, low-cal, and thanks to artist Amanda Pounds, it doesn’t even require going to the fair.

Pounds, a state fair super fan, started taking pictures of people with the prizes they win on the Midway about five or six years ago. More recently, she’s put them up on Instagram, @peopleandtheirprizes. Her endeavor even made it into a solo art show at Wrong gallery in Marfa two years ago. And her work was the subject of a full-page spread in D magazine.

The photo that magazine ran is one Pounds took of games barker Danny Thomas holding a Rasta Scooby-Doo, one of the inexplicable prizes that was prevalent at the time.

She ran into Thomas on the first day of the fair this year, but she forgot to mention the magazine spread.

She packed a copy of the magazine along with her on every subsequent trip to the fair she took this year but couldn’t find him again.

The friendly people at guest services helped Pounds find him on her last annual trip to the fair last week.

Here she is showing him the magazine page.

Isn’t that cute?

Til next year, y’all.