Photo by Rasy Ran

On October 21, Dallas will be home to something called Real Estate Wealth Expo. You may have to be wealthy to go to this expo, of it may make you wealthy, but either way, Pit Bull will be there.

What does Mr. Worldwide know about Real Estate? Who cares! He’s taking negative to positive!

Jerry Jones will be there because DALLAS! and Tony Robbins will be there because MOTIVATION!

The website says you only need to be “slightly interested” in real estate, so it seems pretty inclusive . There are also some minor HGTV types who in theory will talk about how to do real estate, but the background video is mostly Pit Bull jumping with his dancers, so come to the convention center prepared for some serious fist pumping.

Tickets cost about as much as a Spirit Airlines flight, but you will have to shell out nearly $1,000 if you want a “networking breakfast” with Jerry Jones and to meet Tony Robbins. Don’t forget a pencil and paper to take good notes for the rest of us.