Photo courtesy of Uptown Dallas, Inc.

Dallas wasn’t known for appreciating the outdoors until food trucks and park improvements made their way into the city. Then, Dallasites came out of their malls and McMansions to feel the breeze and sit on some grass.

But now, like cargo shorts and Blackberry, that’s in the past. Dallas is so over parks and all of their sunshine, trees and open space. Thanks to Virtual Reality (VR), we no longer have to go through the inconvenience of leaving our couch to experience nature.

The American Society of Landscape Architects created a new VR video that allows folks to experience Klyde Warren without all that pesky fresh air getting in the way.

The video is of a sunny day (because no one wants to look at rain) and provides plenty of action. You can watch someone else run and kick a soccer ball, and a monotone voice explains the park to you, all without risking any sunburn.

Viewers can watch other people’s children splashing in the water and an exercise group who apparently didn’t know they could virtually experience the same thing while munching on Funyuns in the recliner.

A press release discusses how the park has reinvigorated downtown, though that energy could take a hit when residents can experience the best of Dallas without expending any.