Here you go. Here is a video of the fireworks extravaganza in Dallas yesterday, Memorial Day, as seen from Flag Pole Hill.

Hey, I hate being buzzkill betty all the time, but I am a seasoned reporter so it’s basically in my bloodstream now.

The cost of a fireworks show—a fleeting, intangible, sometimes-dangerous distraction—can run as high as $20,000, according to Premier Pyrotechnics, a nationwide outfit specializing in holidays such as Memorial Day and July 4.

Cops and police and their pensions and potholes and trails and streets … so many things,

But, fireworks. Loud explosions to celebrate and honor the men and women who have in so many cases been killed amid loud explosions.

Of course, entertainment, tradition, bonding and socializing with neighbors is important to the city’s wellbeing too.

So gather at Flag Pole Hill, with the lovely sounds of the Symphony Orchestra every year, forever if you wish.

And, yes, with fireworks.