Oct. 9 news: White Rock Lake’s a dump (but you could buy your own), T. Rex is weird pop-culture trend these days, Cowboys are always the bad guys …

Ah, White Rock Lake, that gem of East Dallas. How she shimmers as the sun stirs from sleep fleets of cotton-white geese and talkative mallards. Under her scintillating surface, well, it’s a dump. A “liquid landfill.” (WFAA) Divers have described what it’s like down there, and it ain’t nothin’ nice. (Lake Highlands Advocate) Plus, it’s haunted. (Dallas Magazine) But, pretty birds! (LH Advocate)

Can’t bear White Rock’s underwater ick? You could buy your own lake for a cool $24.5 mil. You have until Oct. 12 to bid. Your private pond, an hour north of Dallas, will be about White Rock’s size. Surrounding acreage added, it’s roughly as big as University Park. (PR Newswire)

Go home: A national money mag’s tips for homebuyers interested inDallas mentions our costliest Preston Hollow mansions, suburban ranches, affordable renovated bungalows and high-rise apartments. (Forbes) The author shares our fixation on Dallas-exclusive mid-century architecture, the ilk exhibited in this Ju-Nel. (LH Advocate)

CEO believes it is national-news related: The Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center experienced a hefty increase in calls last week, the charity’s leader says. (Dallas Morning News)  Reminder: Each summer, this group of friends, for a highly personal reason, hosts a fundraiser for the foundation, which helps sexual-assault victims. (LH Advocate)

Mesozoic throwback: The T. Rex, for reasons uncertain, has made a massive pop culture comeback since the ice age. The Berkley family, expecting a fifth child, was bored with the same old “we’re having another kid” announcements. So a Dallas-area photographer made this happen … (People)

The heroes have never been Cowboys: Some of you youngsters don’t know this, but, the Dallas Cowboys used to be real good at football. I know, right? Because Hollywood likes to boost the underdog and make elites into villains, movies/TV historically have portrayed our team as the bad guys. (Dallas Morning News)

Two tales of a city: Life in Dallas is amazing. For some. Others experience the utter, hellacious opposite. (Dallas Observer)


Girl dies from gunshot to head: A 19-year-old man is in jail after admitting he shot a 16-year-old girl, evidently while showing off a handgun at a party. (CBS DFW)

This doctor admitted overprescribing deadly drugs: Now he’ll serve 20 year in federal prison. He reportedly is responsible for seven fatalities in Texas and Oklahoma. (NBC DFW) To further sadden the story, the former physician’s daughter died last year, her body found in a SouthDallas creek. (KXII)

Police are looking for answers: Someone shot a 24-year-old in the back as he left a Dallas nightclub. Can they determine who? (DPD Beat)

Kombucha: The tea already tastes boozy; why not add alcohol? (Culture Map)Unhealthy choice: But, bacon. And 50/50 burgers (that’s half beef, half bacon). Recently opened. Can’t. Resist. (Dallas Eater)

It’s a Monday-night party: Monday now is officially pizza day, with Grimaldi’s 16-inch $10 pies, all October. (Escape Hatch Dallas)

— Remember Henry Rollins, the 1990s skate punk dude who looks like a 2018 CrossFit dude? He’s on tour again with a photography show. That’s right. Texas Theatre at 8. (Details)
— Check out Austin’s “high-tech psycho fusion” threesome Mark Lettieri Trio in the Regal Room at Independent Bar & Kitchen. (Details)

— Free screening of (be still our adolescent hearts) “Edward Scissorhands” at Sundown at Granada. 8:30 start time. (Details)
— Hip hop act Brockhampton takes the South Side Ballroom stage at Gilley’s at about 9. (Details)

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