And it ain’t always fun …

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You know the Cowboys play on Thanksgiving. Reliably so. But do you know why? Here’s why. (You Tube/Blogging the Boys) And, in between pumpkin pie and kickoff, catch up on some memories — the good, the bad and the truly traumatic — of Thanksgivings past. (SB Nation)

Walmart, Galleria, NorthPark … a few places to hit up or avoid, depending on your preferences, Friday. According to ride share app Lyft, which also offers a deal, these are the most-requested Black Friday destinations. (Patch Dallas)

Dallas‘ Arts District is booming harder than ever before: For evidence, consider, among several things, this month’s Aurora event, which drew national attention. Sure, we still get slammed for our “big,” “flash” and “overall lack of message,” but without doubt, Dallas is artistically relevant. (Vulture)

Another case in point: The University of Texas at Dallas, in fact, recently accepted its largest-ever artwork donation. It will change the landscape of fine art on campus, gracious recipients say. (UTD News Center)

Here come $84 million worth of apartments: Also retail. A Chicago-based developer plans to build massive mixed-use “luxury” project on 600,000 square feet at Central Expressway near Mockingbird Station. (Dallas Morning News)

Bring on the bugs: Cricket invasionfire-station bedbugsticks at Animal Services, mosquitoes out to kill and “luxury” apartments multiplying like Gremlins in a downpour … Dallas has endured the pest-pocolypse, no? Nope. Now Asian lady beetles wish to winter with us. (NBC DFW)

Thanks to Oprah, they are rich: Be grateful if you already have this item, because it’s officially on the hot list. The Pillow Bar, a Dallascompany, makes colorful, charming, mini “jetsetter” pillows, which Oprah named one of her favorite items of the year. (Dallas Morning News)

Here’s how the story goes: As a Dallas police officer was under attack by a man reportedly attempting to take his taser, several bystanders pulled out video-recording devices, and only one person stopped to help. (Lakewood AdvocateDFW CBS)

We’ve learned throughout history: Mob or crowd-behavior stories sometimes become twisted based on social climate and other issues. Recall the March 1964 New York Times (a far more serious tale than the above) “37 who saw murder did not call police.” A recent doc dug into it years later and found many liberties taken with truth. (The Independent)

We are not overly shocked: Dallas did not do well on the annual Allstate best-drivers report. (NBC DFW)

It’s Thanksgiving: We’re sure you’ll avoid this particular food anyway, but just in case, don’t eat the lettuce. In fact, if you own bagged romaine; if you see a Cesar Salad Kit in Aunt Sally’s fridge; or, say, something green just winds up on your plate today or at any time in the near future — toss it! So says the CDC. And, additional warnings issued. (WFAA)

We’ve located a list of Dallas dishes: For all of these, if we’ve tried them, we are thankful. And we are grateful to those who compiled said list, as it is now actively a to-do (to-eat) reminder. (Eater Dallas)

If you want to feel great about eating extra T-day calories: Start the day with a Turkey Trot. Yep, this is where you get up early on turkey day and run. A race. Lots of people do it. In fact the Downtown Dallas Turkey Trot has seen some 45,000 participants some years. If that’s too crowded, there are several suburban runs. (Guide Live)

That was kind-a rude: The above item was about running and not food, which was mean of us, so here is a master list of restaurants and bars open Thanksgiving. You’re welcome. (Guide Live)

— After the family passes out, join the freestyle rap battles at Independent Bar and Kitchen. Come to listen or test your skills. (Details)
—Or, come one, bring all, to the Balcony Club for Hausbone’s New Orleans jazz and cocktails, beginning at 8. (Details)

— Record Store Day and Black Friday merge at Good Records. Events begin at 7 a.m. (Details)
— The Dallas Symphony Orchestra lulls patrons into the holiday spirit with music that is not annoying. Check out the Tchaikovsky show, featuring compositions from “Nutcracker” and “Sleeping Beauty.” (Details)