They didn’t start the fire … but they are going to help anyway.

Photo by Danny Fulgencio


It began with the 1920s-built Joule Hotel. The one with the glass-encased pool that juts and hovers over the sidewalk below. Near the 30-foot-tall eyeball? YEAHHH, that one. The guys behind all that have since acquired 16 addresses on Main Street and changed the face of the neighborhood. Their sights are set on even more.  (Commercial Observer)

Even before the game began: the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles scrapped. Apparently the main partakers were one inactive Eagles cornerback and a member of the Cowboys coaching staff. (Penn Live)

Need the cash, or can’t stand the kids? We jest! But really, Dallasdoesn’t much limit the amount of off-duty gigs its police officers are allowed to accept. General orders hold cops to 16 hours a day, combined labor. Mayor Mike Rawlings weighs: “… it does us all a disservice if we don’t follow orders intended to keep police and public safe.” (DallasMorning News)

First we made actual, physical games into video games: Cool! But that’s so 1989. Now taking video games retro (like Mario Kart, not Grand Theft Auto or anything) is where it’s at. (Guide Live)

An unconventional preacher: George Mason — Baptist pastor who loves Halloween, treats homosexual congregants like everyone else (immigrants too), has a Jewish BFF … and the best words. (Lakewood Advocate)

There they go again: Yeah they’ll break the rules … to SAVE A BABY. And, if Dallas isn’t burning, our firefighters head where they are needed — this time, California. (CBS DFW) Now, where is Matthew McConaughey? (CBS DFW)

Dallas put forth a valiant effort: Still, Amazon gave its (probably rechargeable) roses to two other cities and sent us packing. But it wasn’t all for naught. (Dallas Morning News)

72 pounds of heroin: That’s, like, twice the weight of a medium-sized dog, or the full poundage of your 6-year-old niece … on the serious, if you (or someone you know) is hooked on heroin, now is a viable time to seek treatment, because a Dallas dealer went down hard, and the Feds have the dope. (CBS DFW)

We did not realize, but: Seems it is relatively simple to escape from the Dallas County Jail. Not that we’ve tried. Or would. But Raymond Aguero, 28, slipped right out. And he is not the first. (Dallas Morning News)

The bomb squad: Authorities arrived at a local news station Monday morning to investigate a small package left near the front door. Turns out it was nothing dangerous. (Fox 4)