We flew over Dallas in a WWII plane and didn’t die. This time. 

Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Unlike those stuffy Californians, we’re so debonair. Shavingclippingapplying makeup while commuting via public transit — totally tolerable or the ultimate ick? A reporter theorizing that this “boiling-hot” debate reveals “how we think about transient spaces” and “how we understand one another” interviewed wayfarers in 13 cities. One San Franciscan finds public primping “filthy,” but a Dallas DART rider seemed super chill, noting “no problem” with the oft-essential practice. (Vox)

How Californians think we should deal with people who primp in public … 

Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Consider yourself challenged: Can you read about Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott’s friendship with young cancer patient Jake Silver and his family without choking back tears? We admittedly cannot. (Sports Day) Perhaps naming that Dallas apartment complex after Zeke was not such a dumb idea after all. (Lake Highlands Advocate)

A loss for words: “I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know …” Jags cornerback has difficult time explaining his team’s loss to the Cowboys. (Twitter/Bleacher Report)

Sears is bankrupt: The retailer is ready to close three more Dallas-vicinity stores. The 46 Sears shutdowns announced this week follow January’s news that 100-plus stores were out of business. On the bright side, clearance sales. (USA Today)

Street smarts: Dallas-based 29 Acres, a nonprofit founded by families of people with special needs, designed a neighborhood deliberately for adults with autism. The project this week broke ground on phase one in Denton County. (Dallas Morning News)

The C-47: A plane that played a major role on D-Day was almost dismantled for parts. Some recognized its value and undertook its restoration. (Fox 4) Not sure about the C-47 yet, but soaring over Dallas in a WWII-era B-25 looks like this. (LH Advocate) Or a B-24J Liberator Witchcraft WWII Heavy Bomber … (LH Advocate)

Cowtown hates us. They really hate us: Aw, they’re just jealous, bless their hearts. Fort Worth’s thinly veiled scorn for Dallas rears its unattractive mug during a Tarrant County Senate race Twitter/TV feud. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Stolen vehicle’s driver and passenger dead: When police attempted to pull over the operator of a stolen truck in southeast Dallas, the suspect gave chase. He and a passenger both died after crashing into a tree. (Fox 4)

Oak Cliff’s Ridgecrest Terrace: The property is “again Dallas City Hall’s latest obsession.” Caught in the middle: those who live inside the “crime-infested blight,” because they can’t afford to live elsewhere. “Don’t forget them,” insiders implore. “Not this time.” (Dallas Urban)

Carnivores celebrate: Here’s an interactive map featuring a comprehensive collection of “must-try” burgers, according to Dallas food bloggers. (Dallas Eater)

Savor the signage: We heart El Arroyo in Austin for its ties to our hometown and its terrific Tex Mex, on which we can rely when visiting our state’s Capitol. Then there’s the marquee, famous for regular messages crafted primarily by Dallas native and restaurant owner Ellis Winstanley. The latest is a weather-related winner. (LH Advocate)

Whistle Britches: It opens this week, just north of Dallas proper. (OK, we … can … say … it: Plano. That wasn’t so hard.) The chef Omar Flores-run restaurant specializes in “excellent fried chicken and sorghum hoecakes.” (Escape Hatch Dallas)

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