Our city is under water. Just stay home. 

(Photo by Danny Fulgencio)


Dallas is $125.2 million richer after hosting the 2018 NFL draft last spring. That makes ours the winningest, and first to top $100 million, in the event’s history. The event also drew some 200,000 out-of-towners. We may never see another Super Bowl, but they can’t take this away from us. (NFL.com)

Healing humor: If any outsider fully fathoms our agony as Cowboys fans, it’s Scooter Magruder, the comedic champ who perfectly illustrates his empathy via video. As one YouTube commenter puts it, “All I can think about during Dallas games now is the video Magruder will put up later.” Indeed. (Star-Telegram)

Not easy being green: In periodically released economic and quality-of-life lists — ranking educational factors, job markets, fatness — Dallasfrequently fares OK. But when determining who’s the greenest of them all? This isn’t us. (Dallas Morning News)

Walk it back: The 12-hour AT&T outage Monday was caused not by a lightning strike, as was widely reported, but by a fire. (Dallas Morning News)

Station infestation: Fire station 51 in southeast Dallas, plagued by bed bugs, is provisionally indisposed. (Fox 4)

Highway to the danger zone: The road split open and cars, including a police cruiser, started crashing. (NBC DFW)

You know what? How ’bout, just don’t leave the house: Bridges are breaking in Central Texas. Businesses around Joe Pool Lake are closed. And, oh, poo: Dallas sewers overflow. (CBS DFW)

The hunt intensifies: Someone shot Dallas comedian Roy Pate in the leg last month; now it’s a murder investigation. Pate died over the weekend following a Paris, Texas performance, evidently from complications related to the bullet wound. (Dallas Morning News)

Jurors acquitted father-daughter retailers: They were looking at possible life in prison for multiple felonies including peddling “potpourri” (read: synthetic pot) and money laundering via the family’s head shops. Now they’re 90 percent off the hook but remain in hot water for “misbranding” products.  (Central Track)

She pushed him: Police suspect a pedestrian fatality at Skillman and Royal is actually a homicide. They say 29-year-old Quantara Melton shoved the victim, Connally Klein, into oncoming traffic, which killed him. She’s in jail for murder as well as preexisting warrants. (LH Advocate)


— Violin/viola virtuoso Richmond Punch delivers a riveting performance. He opens Turner House’s October Salon Series. (Details)
— Beto and Julian Rodarte, chefs at Beto & Son in Trinity Groves appear on Bobby Flay’s new TV show. There’s a watch party at 9 at the restaurant. (Details)

— Miss that 1990s Deep Ellum Nirvana concert (not born yet, perhaps)? Now is your chance. The Nirvana Experience celebrates the anniversary of an infamous show at Trees. (Details)
— ‘Til Midnight at the Nasher features Exploded View, known for radically reworking music from the likes of of Bob Dylan, The Kinks and Yoko Ono. (Details)

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