Dallas has its first mini Target. No, not that … anyway, Walmart and Kroger are killing it in the grocery store game …

Photo by Danny Fulgencio


A passenger flying in from Los Angeles learned Dallas does not suffer fools. He reportedly endeavored a bout of footsies with an unwilling woman and whispered “a profanity” on a Dallas-bound flight. The (alleged) creep went ballistic when confronted by attendants. So the pilot diverted the flight to Albuquerque. The accused is charged with “simple assault.” (NBC DFW)

Water, water everywhere: The universe ostensibly decided our city wasn’t quite wet enough, so a major water main broke, flooding residential streets in southwest Dallas. (NBC DFW)

So what’s the deal, AT&T? Will the company compensate customers who lost internet and cable service earlier this week? (NBC DFW) Representatives dodged the question and also backpedaled an earlier explanation for outages. (NBC DFW)

Herd the latest? Dallas Zoo staffers last week mourned the death of 7-year-old hippo Adhama. (WFAA) And Dallas said “farewell” to elephants, relocated to California, that came from Swaziland in 2016. The zoo calls the resettlement “an opportunity for them to flourish,” but one local journalist hints at questionable motives. (Facebook/Culture Map)

Who tops the food chain? To say the supermarket market is competitive would be a big understatement. Recent reports show Walmart and Kroger at the top of Dallas’ $17.5 billion-a-year industry

Veterans, they get the job done: A program aimed at filling jobs in the film industry with military veterans is mutually beneficial. As the Dallas Film Society president puts it: Things Hollywood people talk about, vets actually get done. (WFAA

Aww, it’s just adorable: We’ve shopped regular Target and Super Target. Now Dallas’ first mini Target is open at Preston Hollow Center. (Preston Hollow Advocate)

Attempted robbery outside Whole Foods: Things escalated when a mugging victim noticed a cop nearby and hollered for help. The perp jumped in a car. The officer tried to shoot him. The guy rammed the police vehicle, then absconded, apparently uninjured. (Lakewood Advocate/WFAA)

Smashed while driving: A civilian and a state trooper are hospitalized following an early-morning crash on the Dallas North Tollway. The driver of a Camry reportedly lost control, struck a barrier and collided with the troopers’ cruiser. (NBC DFW)

Does his punishment really fit the crime? 40 years ago, a Dallas-area Vietnam War veteran, P.O.W. and collector bought a fully automatic gun that’s illegal for citizens to own. Now the 70-year-old is going to prison. (CBS DFW)


Tater insanity: Crazii Potatoes specializes in potatoes. Crazy ones. If you love spuds, this place is everything. It even caters to vegetarians. One issue — you have to trek to DeSoto for the Crazii Potato experience. Worth it. (Dallas Observer)

The guys are growing: NYC-based chain The Halal Guys, famous for white-sauce-soaked chicken and beef gyro dishes, is opening another store in North Dallas. (Dallas Eater)

Rain, rain: Go away: Recent rains have been a pain in the bottom line for Dallas-area restaurateurs. (Eater Dallas)

— Richie Ramone performs at The Prophet Bar on Elm. Sometime around 7. (Details)
— Several local organizations co-host a free block party celebrating the re-opening of the Crow Museum of Asian Art. Bring the kids for face painting, live music, street tacos, cocktails and more. (Details

— Everyone’s invited to this block party in Old East Dallas. Porch Fest features food and drinks, local art and live music on some of the most unique stages in town — the expansive porches of Junius Street. (Details)
— Deep Ellum’s Halloween-themed Outdoor Market has music, food, clothes, decor and more. 1-7. (Details)

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